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Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

Enabling you idea to be tested faster and cheaper, Cloud Hosting is the best platform for you to test out your best idea.

By using Cloud Hosting, you're only going to pay for what you need once after it is proven and tested. The best thing is, there are no hidden cost and no lowest cost obligations. All you have is the true freedom to launch your plan of actions.

Cloud Server Hosting
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Resizable Cloud

The Cloud Hosting also gives you unprecedented flexibility to control your resources. The best thing is, the hardware, software and resources are all dedicated specially to your deployment. Do what you want to, make the size smaller, make the size bigger, or you can just keep it the same, It's all up to you. As simple as that, you can make your own decision in viewing of actual requirements without scratching your head lot.

To make resources available as they are needed, amazingly, you Cloud can quickly scales to thousands of servers. If you are meeting an increasing traffic demands or a huge traffic spikes, you don't have to worry about buying a new hardware. It's going to save you a lot, isn't it?!

If you always face situations when requirements are uncertain, clearly the Cloud Hosting is the best fit for you. Not only it requires small budget on physical hardware, with its dynamic resources that can be deployed instantly, it is the best tool that will match all you requirements.

Quick to Turn On

By using the Cloud Hosting, you can easily configure the capacity and start up new server instances to minutes.

Using the Cloud Hosting, you have no worry no more on the complexity of the hardware infrastructure. Without interrupting the work of any site and without the risk of losing any data, the issues such as running out of memory, storage space or processor power can be addressed instantly as you can add, swap or remove the memory, storage space or processing power.

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Power Up with Your Customized Template

With a pre-configured, customized template, you can just get up and run the cloud hosting immediately. Or you can also just start it up with a new template that contain your applications, libraries, data and associated configuration settings. That will help you save you time to obtain and boot new server. When your computing requirements change, you can also quickly scale capacity and both up and down.

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Focusing On Core Strength

Designed to serve for many purposed, you can set the Cloud Hosting to perform your specialized ones. For example, to handle the email hosting for you company, a Database Cloud to handle your database queries, and a Storage Cloud to store important information, you can easily deploy it as a Mail Cloud.

Enabling both business agility and administrative control, the Cloud allows you to take advantage of utility computing, which the resources can be mobilized easily to tackle your specific urgent issue.

Start small and Grow Big

Cloud Hosting allows you to increase or decrease capacity within minutes, not hours or days, you can now commission one, hundreds or even thousands of server instances simultaneously. But you won't have to pay a high rate for it, you are just going to pay for the compute capacity you actually use.

And because of this Cloud Hosting is all controlled with web service APIs, of course, your application now can be automatically setup to scale itself up or down, depending on its needs. Its amazing, isn't it?

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Capitalize Every Opportunity

With Cloud Hosting, you can now quickly scale the Cloud capacity up or down according to conditions you observe. You can now ensure that the number of Cloud instances you are using scales up seamlessly during demand spikes to maintain performance, and scales down automatically during lulls to minimize costs, thanks to the Cloud flexibility.

Particularly, this flexibility is well suited for applications that experience hourly, daily or weekly variability in usage.

Now, it is easier to compute or measure modification needs for expansion or enhancement since the Cloud computing is scalable. Now, you can project new requirements on elements such as processing the speed bandwidth, the data storage and also the license number, along with an estimated cost with ease.

Plus, this project can also be adjusted based on the specified period of time with ease, according to your requirements.

Manage Your Online Business Easily with Cloud

Once you have complete control of your Cloud instances, you now have the root access to each one, and you can also interact with them as you would with any kind of machine. You can now stop your instances while you're retaining the data on your boot partition and then subsequently restart the same instance using the web service APIs.

The cloud instances can be rebooted remotely using web service APIs. You also have the access to console output of your instances by using the Cloud computing.

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