Line Messenger Blasting System

What is LINE Marketing? LINE App is a rapid-growing social messaging tool besides WhatsApp. There are now more than 500 million registered LINE users around the world. For Japan alone, there are 70 million LINE users out of 127 million of total population. Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia also the countries that frequently use LINE as daily messaging Apps. LINE marketing helps businesses to explore new and unknown market through bulk sending of message; even follow up with existing customers can be done easily. As a Trustworthy LINE Marketing Service Provider, we help to blast your messages in text and image format, to any valid LINE users worldwide, promote easily and cost effectively.

Why LINE Marketing Works?

It works because people tend to open LINE messages when they receive it. LINE Blasting Service allows you to cater your targeted audiences by sending your promotional brochures, poster, or infographics out. The Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is higher if compared to normal SMS messages. This higher CTR will help your business to build up your brand awareness and brand name.

No sim card purchase

No SIM Card Purchase

ALL messages sent through our channels. Save your cost in purchase extra SIM cards.
Reach Global LINE Users

Reach Global LINE Users

Send your messages out to every active LINE user around the world without single concern.

100% Secured Database

100% Secured Database

No risk in database leaking. No other than your campaign. Your database is being protected.
Sent Guarantee within 24 Hours

Sent Guarantee within 24 Hours

ALL campaign will be finished within 24 hours upon submission time.

Sent in Text + Image

Sent in Text + Image

Design your campaign message in attractive and interesting way with image to drag the sight of your audiences.
Delivery Report

Delivery Report

Report is ready for you to check the delivery status. Everything is under your monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send LINE Message to Overseas Numbers?

- Yes. We send worldwide. You need to ensure the country code is insert correctly.

What will be displayed in client’s LINE?

- It is displayed in Random Malaysia numbers.

Will My LINE Credits Expires?

- No. Your Credits will stay remain at your account before you used it.

Is there Any Restrictions to the Content?

- No. There is no restriction on your content.

How Do I Get the Delivery Report?

- The report will be downloadable in the panel within 3 working days after campaign completion.
- The Delivery Report only available for campaign more than 70 numbers.

How is the Delivery Rate?

- For LINE Marketing service, we guarantee 100% Delivery Rate for all valid LINE numbers.

Do You Provide Any Demo or Trial Account?

- Yes. Kindly WhatsApp Us at +60 11-8888 1818.
- We will provide you a FULL user guide to make sure you can adopt our panel as fast as possible.

Any Rules Need to be Followed for Better Blasting Experience?

- Insert Country Code ‘60’ to every single contacts.
- Make sure the contact list is saved as TXT (Notepad) file.