USDT Payment Gateway

Crypto Payment is a payment solution for merchants to collect both Crypto ERC20-USDT and TRC20-USDT as payment. Payment collection Fees start as low as 1.0% per transaction. Funds collected are instantly cleared through T+0, and merchants may directly proceed with payout or settlement request using Fiat or Crypto currencies.

Example: When a client makes payment using Crypto ERC20-USDT, it will be transferred to the merchant’s account in ERC20-USDT. Merchants may also request for payouts in ERC20-USDT, as well as settlements using Fiat or ERC20-USDT.

Benefits on Crypto Payment Solution

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Competitive Credit Basis Fraud Prevention
Low payment collection fee 1 to 1 Zero chargeback risk
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Instant Funds Release Live Chat Support Settlement Options
T+0 Provides live support Collected funds may be converted to any currency for settlement

Is it safe?

All payment transactions will go through the blockchain system, and success rates are 100%. All transactions can be traced in the blockchain system. In addition, there is no risk of chargeback.

Besides, we are offering a one-time 25,000 USDT (or fiat currency equivalent) as a guarantee to ensure that merchants’ funds are well-protected by us.


Among all cryptocurrencies, our studies have shown that USDT is the most stable coin in the markets, with an almost equivalent value to the USD. Furthermore, USDT also tends to have higher liquidity power compared to other stable coins.

How to make payment through Crypto Payment?

Steps on using Crypto Payment solution:

Step 1

Select Crypto Payment


Step 2

Log in OTC or crypto wallet


Step 3

Enter/scan recipient’s crypto wallet address QR code


Step 4

Enter payment amount and authorize the transaction


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start if I’m new to payment gateway?

It’s simple! At Payment Gateway USDT, we offer a full range of payment options so you can give customers the experiences they expect. Simply let us know which integration you could opt for from our list of solution, our key personnel will take you up to speed in no time.

Why should I pick Payment Gateway USDT?

We’re your perfect payment gateway solutions!
From FPX down to QR, crypto. You name it! Our aim here is to continuously build a financial technology platform that helps you businesses to grow. Along with our vast coverage across various countries, we serve multiple businesses entities to unlock the potential growth for your business type!

What is the leap time we should we expecting when it comes to integration?

With Payment Gateway USDT, you can easily integrate and get you up and running in 2 week or less.

Is there any additional fees?

There are no additional fees beyond the solutions offered. The plan prices automatically include the plan features with the exception of any additional request included on customisation – client pls verify this point as well.

How fast is your settlement processing?

Within 10 mins tops! – client pls verify.

Are there contract fees for early termination?

No, with Payment Gateway USDT gateway, we do not have a contract fee for early termination – client pls. Verify.

How do payments get processed in Payment Gateway USDT?

In 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Authorisation – automatically receives notification on the transaction details for processing.
  • Step 2: Capture – post verification, funds will be available immediately for approval process.
  • Step 3: Settlement – with Payment Gateway USDT, it’s sorted within 10-mins – client pls verify.