Data collection made easy
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Data collection made easy

In early days, we have several ways to collect our customers data such as paper-and-pen, Excel spreadsheets, and Google Forms which still remain popular among the people. Either we ask our customers to do the data entry themselves, or admin to do the data entry manually. This requires a lot of manpower, and it is slow and time consuming. In Autobot, we offer various ways to make your data collection much efficient and practical.

From their participation in lucky draws

With our unique QR code and the winning prize of your choice, you can obtain your customers’ contact details and names through their participation, and begin building your customer database through transaction history. This method is convenient as you can automatically acquire your customer’s data without having to infringe their personal data. It is a way to rationalize data collection when they have something to gain from it.

From event attendance and campaigns
If you’re using a traditional approach to manage your events, you’ll need to do the repetitive data entry and compilation. To solve this problem, we offer you E-ticketing platform to not only make your data collection automatic, but also ease your event management by a larger margin for a long-term period in the future. No more worries about drawing insights from your event delegates as we will help you make your data collected meaningful.

We have talked about many things that you can do with Autobot. But how exactly you can effectively use your customers’ data? You don’t just simply collect their data and leave it there, right? There are many ways you can do with them. For instance, use them wisely in your relationship management using our really365. Blast them with your scheduled promotion emails, holidays and birthday greetings to make them feel valued.

There is a significant reason we developed Autobot customer relationship management software, that is to help you on your business journey. We have many features all in one place – for an affordable price! Try it out today.