6 Strategies for Omnichannel Marketing
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6 Strategies for Omnichannel Marketing

Have you just got your website developed by a leading web design company Malaysia and now you want to build a customer base? Well, it is not easy, but it is also not difficult if you know what you are doing. Luckily, you can benefit from the Omnichannel marketing and provide your customers with a seamless, personalized experience.

Since omnichannel marketing has a higher purchase frequency; 250% compared to single-channel marketing (source), you cannot miss out on this approach. So if you are excited and want to know more, then read this guide till the end.

What’s Omnichannel Marketing and How it Can Benefit You?

Omnichannel marketing is basically the seamless integration of all marketing, selling, and support channels. This means the customer will get the same shopping experience no matter if he is using the company’s website, mobile app, or a brick and mortar institution. A great example of this can be Netflix.

Whenever you start watching some movies, it will note down the genre you like, and then depending on how you like to interact with the platform; you will get suggestions for similar movies. This offers a seamless and personalized experience that retains customers. So if you are looking to incorporate Omnichannel marketing in your business, then these strategies might help:

Build Customer Personas:

You need to first know what your customers like and dislike when interacting with your brand. You need to focus on their needs and what is best for them. Customers should be able to find the information or the product they want easily. For this, you need to know the pain points of your customers.

Take help from your organization’s team members that deal with customers in any way and build different personals of your customers.

Use the Data for Segmentation:

Now that you have different profiles of customers created, you can get help from a CRM solution Malaysia company. They can segment the contacts and data of customers in your database based on the personas you created.

This is the best approach because now you get to be personal with the customer so you can offer them better experience throughout your marketing channels.

Send Custom Messages:

According to MarketingCharts; 74% of people don’t like to receive offers for things they don’t need. So now, you can make better marketing campaigns for different buyer personas and send them personalized messages. When a customer feels they are getting personal attention from the brand, they are likely to stay in touch and eventually make the purchase.

This is exactly what Amazon does where they track customer behavior on the website or app. They then make a persona, and send them messages via emails or even Alexa suggesting the product that they viewed on Amazon or added to cart but then abandoned.

Decide Your Marketing Channels:

Just because you are using omnichannel marketing, doesn’t mean you need to use all of your marketing channels available. See which mode of communication your customers use the most and double down on them.

67% of customers stop using a brand due to bad customer service. (Source) Therefore, if yours are mostly active on the mobile app of your business, send personalized notifications, if they respond to emails better use that, or if they are on social media the most, go with it.

Now Measure The Efforts:

Now that you have personalized the communication and buying process, it’s time to measure how well you did. It can be pretty challenging to measure the results across different marketing platforms; therefore, you need to use various tracking tools. If you have an app, you can easily measure every single swipe and tap from the backend.

However, for other platforms like email or social media, you can use email analytics, pixels, or even URL builders. For your website tracking, you can use heat maps, IP addresses, and cookies to track your customer’s actions.

Stay Consistent and Improve:

The key to establishing trust and make customers feel they are getting the best and most personalized experience from you, you need to be consistent. Don’t leave your campaign hallway just because it’s not working. After you measure the result, find out where you are lacking and fix it.

Keep fixing issues as you go and keep improving. With time, you will start to get recognition from customers for your efforts, and they will start getting hooked to the personalization you offer.

Over to You:

No matter if you get the best web design services Malaysia, if you are not following the right marketing strategies, a beautiful website will be nothing more than a needle in the haystack. You need to get out there, gather data from your existing customers, build personas, and be personal with them. Only then can you bring them to your website to get sales and enter the digital marketplace.