Digital Marketing Strategy for a New Product/Store Launch
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Digital Marketing Strategy for a New Product/Store Launch

So you are planning on launching your product or store, and you don’t know how to do that? Well don’t fret, once you are done with the services of the web design company offering eCommerce website package in Malaysia, you need to start working on digital marketing strategy right away.

We have mentioned some of the most important things your strategy needs to have, make sure to go through all of them, and implement accordingly.

Things to Consider When Planning a Long Term Digital Marketing Strategy:

Organizing Giveaways:

If you want your product to quickly take off, you need to create excitement for its release weeks or even months before its launch. The most popular method for doing so is to offer pre-launch giveaways via contests.

Ask people to participate in your contest and give away the product to the winners in exchange for promoting your product in their social networks. You can hold contests for product photography, creative slogans, most social media shares, etc. And when someone wins, you give them the product for free.

Whatever your approach is, try to make a system that makes your pre-launch campaign as viral as possible.

Increase Visibility Organically:

In other words, work on your website or landing page’s SEO. Getting the top web design services in Malaysia is not enough. You need to have your site appear for the most relevant and searched terms/keywords in search engines as well to receive highly targeted traffic.

Once your SEO efforts take off, your website will start getting free traffic that will be highly conversion focused. Here are some things to focus on when working on your website’s SEO:

  • Keywords: These will be the search phrases that people will type to find the product that you are selling. Don’t target the keywords that you think describe your product the best, target the ones that people are searching for. Use keyword search tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, or Google Adwords to find these keywords.
  • On-Page SEO: This includes the creation of content like website pages and blog posts, adding relevant keywords in them, and ensuring the content is well crafted, engaging, and helpful so that Google can index it.
  • Backlinking: This is the off-page SEO where you will write content for other websites related to your niche and ask them to link it back to your website. This means adding your website’s link to the content they post. This increases the credibility and authenticity of your website, which is a major ranking signal for search engines.

Optimize the Speed of Website:

Do you know that 70% of customers believe website speed impacts their purchase decision? (Trinity). This means if your website does not load fast enough, preferably under 3 seconds, then you will face significant cart abandonments.

The web design company Malaysia you are working with should take care of this, but if they don’t, then the first approach is to get a fast hosting service. Do not go for shared hosting if you are expecting a lot of traffic.

Also, compress all the images on your website because loading images with big file size takes a lot of time. Lastly, install plugins like WPRocket to speed up your website.

Leverage Influencers:

There will be several blogs in your niche. Connect with them, ask them to write a review about your product, or promote it. The bigger bloggers have loyal audiences that will take their word as is. So make sure to talk to them and ask them to spread the word about your product.

The most common strategy to get the influencers and bloggers to talk about your brand is to organize events or send free samples to them. Be sure not to offer them money in exchange for a review as it will not be fair. Keep things simple, fair, and honest.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing:

Email marketing may seem out of fashion, but to be honest, it’s not! People still use emails, and it is one of the leading modes of communication on the internet. So you can always get people to check your product page or even buy it using a well-crafted email.

But first, you have to build an email database. For that, you need to add an opt-in form on your website that is receiving traffic due to SEO. Ask your site’s visitors to add their email address to receive further news about your product.

Once your email list starts to get bigger, you can send periodic messages to people announcing events related to the launch of your product and also asking them to check it out when it is launched.

Over to You:

If you find all of these things confusing or difficult, then you can always talk to a digital marketing agency with expertise in product launches to help you out. Their expertise and creative ideas will really help you put your product in front of your target market.