How to use Newsletter to Build Relationship with Customers?
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How to use Newsletter to Build Relationship with Customers?

If you have just had your website developed using web design services Malaysia and you are looking for ways to communicate with your audience, then a newsletter is your answer. According to Hubspot; there are over 3.9 billion email users daily, which means most of your customers already have email accounts. So you just need to get their addresses, make a list and start connecting with them.

Why Should You Send Out Newsletters?

An email newsletter is unequivocally one of the best ways for both B2C and B2B organizations to share information with their potential clients, nurture their leads, and have brand loyalty. If you’re not sure whether you should set up an email marketing system and send out regular newsletters, then here are the reasons why you should do it.

  • It Builds Loyalty: According to different studies, regular contact with your potential customers and leads is one of the crucial factors in maintaining loyalty.
  • Very Inexpensive: Nowadays, it is really expensive to generate leads and then nurture them because a massive chunk of money is spent on social media marketing or other forms of marketing campaigns just to do that. If you’ve got the list of emails of your potential clients, current clients, and leads, then you can just send out a free email to all of them, which will not cost you a dime.
  • Builds Credibility: Content marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating leads and building customer relationship. Providing useful and valuable content to your customers via newsletters will instill confidence in them that you are the real deal, and you are capable of doing the job.

How to Send Out Newsletters That Earn You Loyalty?

Don’t give up

You need to be highly consistent when it comes to sending out newsletters, which means you have to stay connected with your clients, leads, and potential customers, and send a newsletter regularly. If you promised them that you would deliver a weekly newsletter to them, then make sure to commit to it.

This way, you will be in front of them whenever they open their inbox, and this will position your brand in their Minds. So whenever they have a problem, they’ll know who to contact.

Deliver Something Valuable:

Sending out a newsletter doesn’t just mean that you talk about your company all the time. It will frustrate the receivers, and they might even opt-out of your list. So what you should do is understand what your customers’ needs are, their pain points, and things they might be interested in learning about.

Then craft a simple yet engaging newsletter discussing their problems and providing solutions and hit the send button. People love to work with someone who delivers value without always trying to sell something.

Reward the Subscribers:

Another great practice to implement in your newsletters is that you offer gifts to your customers. It can be something like an eBook or a video series of something. For instance, if you are a fitness company, you can send your subscribers an eBook on losing weight with Keto diet.

Or you can send them a video series of top exercises to stay fit. You can even offer them some discount coupons. These small gestures are so powerful that they keep people hooked to you, and your subscriber retention rate will be touching the sky. Email marketing is effective in increasing customer retention, as stated by 80% of business professionals. (Source)

Be Relatable and Authentic:

Customers love to read the content that they can relate to on a personal level. It won’t make sense for you to use corporate-level language or not discuss the problems people are facing while writing the newsletter.

The content needs to be personal, and it needs to be authentic. People should find themselves thinking, ‘whoa, that is so me’ or ‘yes that is true, it happened to me’ and so on. This will help you connect with the audience on a personal level.

Be Direct With Them:

Lastly, be direct with your customers when it comes to sending them the newsletters. You need to tell them at the start that they will be hearing from you on a weekly or monthly basis. Also, tell them the things you will be focusing on.

Provide them with benefits for keep reading your newsletters and not opting out. People want to know what they are getting into, so it is better to set their expectations straight from the get-go.

Over to You:

If you don’t know how to collect emails of people, then ask the web design company Malaysia that developed your website. They will create opt-in forms at your website so people can use them to sign up for your newsletters.