What Is SEO Content? A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Better SEO Content
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What Is SEO Content? A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Better SEO Content

Being the top web design company Malaysia, we at Operion know what goes into creating meaningful SEO content. Our web design services Malaysia also include content creation, and we use a simple yet effective process to craft a masterpiece for our clients. If you are also interested in knowing about it, then make sure to keep reading till the end.

To make things simpler, we will divide this phrase into two words ‘SEO’ and ‘content.’ Now SEO (search engine optimization) refers to the optimization of a website so it can have better rankings in the search engine results.

As for the content, it is the representation of information in the form of text, audio, video, and images, etc. (more on this later)

So if we combine both of these things together, then SEO content is the creation and representation of information with the goal of attracting traffic from the search engine by getting that content better ranking.

Different SEO Content Types:

  • Product page: These are created with the ultimate goal of presenting the information about a product or service in a way that gets it more sales.
  • Blog post: These are the general pieces of information in conversational tone through which you can build the authority of your website and also educate your readers/clients about various topics in your industry. What you are reading right now is also a classic example of a blog.
  • Articles: Have you seen the type of content that is presented on news websites like CNN or BBC? This format of news or magazine type content comes under articles.
  • List Articles: Have you ever read the type of content with topics like “top 10 mobile phones in 2020″ or “10 reasons why you need a new house”, these are the list articles. Here, you will notice a list of different reasons or suggestions instead of a regular article format with different sub-headings and paragraphs.
  • Videos: The content you consume in the form of videos like on YouTube is called the video content. This is generally easier to rank because of less competition as more businesses and individuals go for text form of content.
  • Infographics: If you go to websites like Statista, you will see that the content here is mostly based on charts and graphs, this is called infographic content, which just means that information present in the form of graphics. Graphics like very long photos containing a list of pieces of information or summary a whole article also come under infographics.
  • Miscellaneous: There are many other less popular types of content like slideshows, glossaries, and directories, but the ones mentioned above are most commonly used for SEO content.

Tips for Crafting Effective SEO Content:

Since blog content is the most popular type of SEO content with over 600 million blogs on the internet (source), we will focus on strategies for creating an SEO blog post:

Goals with the Content:

The first step to crafting the masterpiece content for your website is to decide its purpose. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I want to drive sales with this content?
  • Do I want to educate people through this content?
  • Do I want to refer products through this content and earn via affiliate marketing?

Once you know what your content will be about, then you can move onto the next step.

SEO Keyword research:

Once your goal is finalized, you will have to research the phrases searched by people related to what your needs are. Now let’s say that you have a website that offers plumbing services. And the goal of your content is to educate people about the benefits of professional plumbing services.

So now, you will search for keywords that resonate with the niche you are working in and the nature of your content. For this, you can use various tools like Google AdWords, Ahrefs, and SemRush, etc. For instance, you put in ‘plumbing benefits’ in the keyword research tool, and you get a list of keywords like: 

  • Why get plumbing service
  • DIY plumbing

Now here, only relevant keyword to your topic is ‘why get plumbing service’ because the other keyword is searched by people who want to do plumbing on their own. Since you are educating people about professional plumbing service, you will go with the first keyword.

Decide Audience Type:

Now you need to see which kind of audience will you be targeting? Since you are a plumbing business, you won’t target women or kids.

Your main audience will be men as they usually handle the house maintenance tasks. So the tone and content format should be relatable to men of ages between 30 and 60.

Content Calendar Creation:

If you have several blogs to write and you want to streamline things, then we suggest that you create a content calendar in excel or Google Calendar with the topics, their outlines, and keywords.

This will help you have a clear idea of which topic to write for, when to write for and when to publish it.

Craft a Masterpiece:

Now you have everything you need, and you just need to write the content. Since you cannot know everything about a particular topic, so it is best if you get help from Google and find out everything about it.

Make notes of things you will discuss in the content and start writing while also embedding your SEO keywords in that content to let Google know which keywords/search phrases to index you for.

Just make sure to provide as much value to your readers as you can, Google now gives importance to valuable content more than anything.

Over to You:

Our SEO services in Malaysia include content creation, which is why we know how SEO content is created from scratch. To be honest, creating content is not hard if you know what you are doing. And with the tips, we have provided above, crafting masterpiece SEO content will be a breeze.

If you need any kind of help regarding content creation or if you want to know about our web design or ecommerce website package Malaysia then feel free to send us a message.