You Should Have a Landing Page to Grow Your Business – Here’s Why:
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You Should Have a Landing Page to Grow Your Business – Here’s Why:

Are you wondering whether you even need a landing for your business or not? Or maybe you just want to know how a landing page can benefit your business? Well, if that’s the case, then you are at the right place. As mentioned on WordStream; 48% of marketers create a new landing page for every marketing campaign they start.

So if you are excited to know more, make sure to completely read the content. We are sure that after knowing the benefits, you would definitely want to hire a web design company Malaysia to make you one ASAP.

Why Your Business Needs Landing Page?

Landing pages allow your business to achieve its goals. Whether you want to enter a new niche market, get new customers, promote a new product, or get more conversions, you can do all of that and more with the help of well-designed landing pages. You can build landing pages to cater to specific audiences and precisely go after your goal, whether its promotion, conversions, or data gathering. Here are some reasons why your business needs a landing page right now:

They Help With Conversions:

Just like your business website containing information about your product or service, enticing people to convert, a well-designed landing page does the same. With the help of an expert web design company Malaysia, you can get a landing page to target your specific purpose.

And if you want people to convert, or in other words, take a specific action, you can have the page designed in a conversion-focused way. This will compel the maximum amount of people do what you intend like signing up for your newsletter or even making a purchase.

You Get Valuable Data and Insights:

If you have a specific marketing campaign, a source, piece of content, or action, you can connect the landing page to it. You’ll be able to find out which channels are getting you the most leads. For instance, let’s say you have three Facebook ad copies of the same ad for split testing purposes; you can connect all of them to the landing page and split test.

The campaign that brings the most leads will be your winning one. You can capitalize on it to sell your products or services because, according to TechJury; correctly testing and targeting can increase the conversions by a whopping 300%. With the help of various user behavior tracking tools that you can connect to the landing page, you can get very specific details about your users.

You Can Improve Your Paid Search Campaigns:

When you are running search engine ads, using the link of your website for a specific keyword would mean they will land on your website. So, for instance, if you target a keyword for your search engine marketing that is ‘web design services Malaysia’, then your ad will appear when people search this.

Since people need web design services, they don’t want to learn about anything else. But landing on your website means there will be a lot of irrelevant information as well, like the about page, home page content, FAQs, or other services that you provide.

Irrelevant stuff can distract many people, and they might just get overwhelmed. To solve this, you can use a landing page where people will go to when they click on your ad. This way, they will be shown the specific ‘web design service’ related content that they actually want to see. This will increase your chances of making people convert.

You Can Grow Your Email List:

Another practical use of the landing page is to help with your email marketing system. If you want to create a big email list of people who are actually interested in what you have to offer, then leveraging landing page is an excellent idea. You can get the help of a web design company Malaysia to help you design a landing page for the very purpose.

So when people get information about what you are offering, you can provide them with a form that will ask for their details like name and email. On the backend, you will have an email marketing system, also called an autoresponder that will store their emails and sort them out with respect to their names. You can later connect with those potential customers via email.

Tip: Offer some kind of gifts like a free eBook or anything related to your product/service in exchange for people’s emails; this will compel more people to sign up.

Your Brand’s Credibility Will Increase:

You can get a very trustable landing page design to gain the confidence of people, especially if you are new, and you know your product can help people. You can add videos with you explaining your product to put a face to your brand and add a personal touch.

Furthermore, you can add testimonials from your customers and their product/service review videos, which will further instill confidence because 88% of consumers trust testimonials and reviews (source).