15 Marketing Secrets That Can Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook
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15 Marketing Secrets That Can Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook

Being the finest web design company Malaysia, we have worked with several brands that have massive audiences on Facebook, and they mainly focus on increasing the reach organically. There are some things that these big brands do to skyrocket their organic reach on Facebook. We are going to share the most important ones with you in this guide, so let’s start:

15 Practical Tips for Boosting Organic Reach on Facebook:

  1. Become Verified: When people see a blue tick beside the name of a page, it instills confidence in them. You can ask for Facebook verification and provide relevant documents to get that blue tick. It also brings you in front of your audience more than non-verified pages.
  2. Publish Timeless Content: At Operion, we believe that content plays a key role in generating leads. When we publish helpful, insightful, and evergreen content on our site, people find it extremely valuable, which compels them to get our web design services Malaysia. You can replicate the same in your Facebook marketing strategy. Besides producing helpful content in text form, we suggest that you leverage video content as well because over 500 million people watch them on Facebook every day. (WordStream).
  3. Create Private Groups: Yes, privacy brings out curiosity! This makes more people join the group to see what valuable content is being shared. Invite your highly engaging audience to join the group and start conversations on various topics related to your industry. Encourage the members to invite their friends to your group, and your community will start growing.
  4. Leverage Post Targeting: You can target people from your page audience in organic posts as well. Turn on this feature by going to the General Settings of your page, and you will see a targeting button in the window where you write the post. Use it to target people based on age, location, interests, and other factors. The more relevant people see it, the more engagement and shares it will get.
  5. Time Your Posts: If you have been posting for a while now, you will be able to see data on the time when your posts receive the most engagement. You can view the data on Facebook Insights, go there, note the timing, and start posting on those times to get more reach.
  6. Leverage Hashtags: Your hashtags can be related to your industry or the content you are posting. For instance, our hashtags are usually like ‘web design company Malaysia’ with ‘#’ attached to the phrase. These tags make your posts stand out and help your potential clients discover you easily. However, don’t use more than 2 hashtags.
  7. Run Contests: People love to participate in things, whether on the internet or in real life. You can run contests involving giveaway of your product/service and ask people to like, comment, and share as much as they can. Also, ask them to invite their Facebook friends to like your page. The one who brings most people to your page will win. These posts can have a massive impact if done right.
  8. Republish Old Content: If you are running out of ideas for valuable posts, you can always update the old content with the latest news and infographics and republish it. More valuable posts mean more engagement.
  9. Work with Influencers: You don’t have to pay someone to promote your business. Strike a deal with them like you will promote their business if they do it for you. Both of you can also collaborate and make videos that you can publish on both pages. Both of your audiences will check out your posts.
  10. Leverage Stories: Just like Snapchat and Instagram, you can post fun stories on your Facebook page, which will instantly appear at the top of your audience’s Facebook app. You can ask some interesting questions which will entice people to check out and answer.
  11. Live Streaming: According to an estimate, live stream videos get an average of 64 billion views/day. You can also start a series of daily live streams where you interact with your audience, answer their questions, or educate them about your industry.
  12. Leverage Email Marketing System: You can also send out emails to people in your email lists whenever you post something new and interesting on Facebook and get engagement from them.
  13. Ask to Turn On Notifications: There is a ‘Notification’ column when someone clicks on the ‘Liked’ button on your page. Ask people to go there and turn on the notifications. Do this in most of your posts. The more people turn it on, the more they will get notifications of your new posts, so the more engagement and reach you will get.
  14. Cross-Platform Promotion: If you have an audience on other social media platforms, ask them to check out your Facebook page or add links to your most interesting Facebook posts and ask people to comment there. Getting one platform’s audience on another platform helps a lot.
  15. Engage With Audience: Lastly, remember that engagement sparks engagement, which is why when you see your posts start getting traction, you need to engage in conversation with the people commenting on your posts. This will lead to more people commenting and liking the posts.

Over to You:

We have provided our top eCommerce website package Malaysia to several brands that brought sales via Facebook organic posts. Using these techniques, you can do that too. Just research more about these tricks, leverage them properly, measure results, and follow the strategy which works the best.