17 Tools That Will Help Your Online Business Improve
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17 Tools That Will Help Your Online Business Improve

Besides offering the best eCommerce website package Malaysia, we also help online businesses think creatively and save as much of their resources as we can in initial stages. This is because our web design company Malaysia works with startups and online stores that need the best tools to perform their day-to-day operations without getting a dent in their budget. So if you are one of those new businesses, here are 17 free tools to have when starting out:

17 Helpful Tools For New Online Businesses:

  1. Wix Website Builder: If you need something clean, highly functional, and attractive, you can hire a web design company in Malaysia. However, if you like to try things on your own and get a beautiful website for free with limited features, then try out the Wix website builder.
  2. VPN by CyberGhost: You can leverage the virtual private network by CyberGhost to hide your online activity from hackers and safeguard your website’s privacy.
  3. Avast Protection: You can use Avast’s free version of endpoint protection that will further secure your online businesses from malware and viruses.
  4. Wrike Project Management: Do you have a team to collaborate with? Why not use the free version of Wrike to work with up to 5 people, assign and manage tasks, monitor their activities, and share files with ease.
  5. Join.Me for Video Calls: No business can grow effectively if the people behind it cannot effectively communicate. As someone once said; communication is the lifeblood of an organization. So, by using the free version of Join.me, you can talk to up to 10 people at once.
  6. Zoho Recruit: If you have a small business, you can use Zoho’s free applicant tracking feature, which will allow you (recruiter) to work on up to five job openings. You can publish, edit, and track jobs until you have the right candidate.
  7. Deputy’s Human Resource Management: Once you recruit the right person for the job, you will have to track her/his progress, and for that, you can use the human resource management tool by Deputy. Though it is not free, it only costs $1/month for each employee, which is nothing compared to the value you get.
  8. Wave Accounting: Every business needs to have a robust accounting system in place to track expenses and measure ROI. With the help of a free version of Wave, you can get features like accounting and reports, invoice creation, and receipt scanning directly in your system.
  9. Equity Net: Your website is set up, now you need investors to back your idea, right? Well, with the help of EquiNet, you can plan, analyze, and show your business plan to investors and raise money with the help of this crowdfunding platform.
  10. Social Listening with HootSuite: Want to effectively run your social media profile, interact with people, and see what they are saying? Well, why not use the free version of Hootsuite? You can schedule your posts and engage with your followers for free.
  11. Email Marketing with Autobot: Having a robust email marketing system in place helps with increasing your followers, getting more visitors to your store, and ultimately bringing more sales. You can use the free version of Autobot to have an SMS marketing system and email marketing system. Though you can send limited messages in the free version, it will still give you a good idea of their service.
  12. Data Visualization: You can leverage the data visualization tool by Tableau Public to get responsive visuals of your data in the form of charts and graphs on a single dashboard.
  13. Power BI: Want to make more effective decisions? You can use Power BI to get insights into your marketing, sales, and consumer data, etc. Up to 1GB of data can be scanned with a free version, which should be enough to get started.
  14. Document Management: There will be several documents that you will be handing out to your team with their tasks or other information; all of this can be done with the free version of Zoho Docs. Their free plan allows you to share unlimited files/folders, use various editing tools, manage users, and sync with the desktop.
  15. Helpdesk Software: You can use the free version of the helpdesk by Zoho Desk and create forums and knowledge base to cater to your customers’ needs and provide excellent support to them. Though you can customize the software as per your branding, for more complex customization and features, you can get a $12/user plan for a month.
  16. Document scanning: Want your team to have a soft version of your business cards, brochures, and leaflets to send to your customers via email? You can use Evernote Scannable to have your documents scanned into high-quality images.
  17. Free Online Surveys: The last part of every business’s launching and marketing cycle is feedback from customers. Their views about you help you get better. You can create interactive and visually appealing surveys via SurveyGizmo and send them to your customers.

Over to You:

By offering web design services Malaysia for several years, we at Operion have learned that a business needs tons of tools to operate to its maximum potential. If you have a limited budget, the above mentioned free online applications should help you get a good head start.