How Web Design Contributes to SEO?
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How Web Design Contributes to SEO?

Wondering if the design of your website can help you with SEO? Well, you have landed at the right page. Being the top Web Design and SEO company in Malaysia, we at Operion love to educate our customers regarding the benefits of getting website design from a professional.

This guide is also an attempt to help you understand how a well-designed website helps you climb the ranks in the search result. So with that said, let’s get started:

5 Ways Website Design Can Help Your SEO:

1. Website Layout:

Search engines love well-structured websites because people stay on them longer due to ease of browsing. A poorly designed website will discourage your visitors and make them abandon it in just a few seconds. According to Adobe; 38% of people stop engaging with a website due to poor/unattractive content or layout.

So not only will you be leaving 38% of the business on the table, you will have a high bounce rate (number of people closing a website quickly after opening it). Now bounce rate is a MAJOR ranking factor, so if it is high, not only your website’s SEO will be affected, it might even lose the rank it already has.

2. Mobile Optimization:

Do you know that mobile devices account for half of the worldwide traffic? According to Statista; in the Q4 of 2019, a whopping 52.6% of worldwide traffic was generated via mobile devices. YES, 52.5%, let that sink it! This is the reason that Google takes the website’s mobile-friendliness into account for SEO.

A typical website company in Penang will not go to extreme lengths to optimize your website for mobile devices. This means it will have issues like not loading properly, getting stuck while scrolling, and not displaying content in a proper mobile format and so on.

When these things happen, your visitors will abandon your website, which will again increase your bounce rate and negatively affect SEO. Therefore, we always suggest to only get the best web design services in Malaysia.

3. Quality of Content:

Most of the top web design and web maintenance Malaysia companies like Operion will provide content writing services as well. And if the content has excellent quality with proper research-backed data and neat/well-structured appearance, then Google will like it.

As of 2020, Google leans more towards the quality of content than other SEO factors. Plus, your web design service provider will carefully structure the content in a way that it’ll be easy to read and strategically laid out for the audience to go through conveniently.

The color of the text and style and size of font also contribute to the overall appearance of content, making your website clean, professional, and user-friendly. These tactics go a long way in improving your website’s overall SEO strength.

4. Speed Optimization:

Website speed is one of the important signals used by Google to rank pages, as stated by Moz. Speed is perhaps one of the major contributors to overall SEO and is directly linked with your website’s design, and on average, it should not take longer than 3 seconds to load.

The size of the content on the website, like the heavy images, video files, and other graphics used when designing it directly impact its speed. If you use a web design company in Malaysia, it is imperative that you ask them to optimize the visual content for speed.

Most of the time, companies just compress the size of videos or images, which makes the site faster but then decreases the visual quality. You need to have an expert web design service provider who can optimize the visuals in a way that they make the site fast without compromising aesthetics.

5. Sitemap Structuring:

If you don’t know, the sitemap helps Google’s Bots crawl through your website and index it in search results. Now, if the sitemap is poorly designed, the crawlers sent by search engines will not be able to fully understand which site pages should be preferred.

This can result in indexing of unimportant pages like Terms & Condition, for instance, while the important ones like the “Services” page may not get properly ranked or even indexed.

Therefore, to get your website’s important pages priority from search engines by allowing their bots to easily crawl through, having a well-structured Sitemap is imperative.  

Our Leading Web Design Company in Malaysia Can Help with SEO:

Whether you want to have an online store and need the best eCommerce website package in Malaysia or a website educating people about the services you offer, you can count on us.

By offering the top web design services in Malaysia, we ensure all of our clients have a website meticulously optimized for SEO. Get in touch now – let’s discuss your project!