What Is Our Philosophy?
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What Is Our Philosophy?


Our philosophy is to provide quality solutions to our customers in hosting and domain services by providing them with the innovative solutions of their problems with customer-responsive attitude through the state of the art technology.

What do we offer?

We are a trusted name in providing hosting services to all the different categories of websites. Our hosting services are more economical than the big name in the industry, and the services and quality we offer are not less than the standards set by the tech giants in the industry. We strive to provide satisfaction to our customers by being responsive to the demands of our customers.

We park your website for protection against Cybersquatting.

We provide the best quality service for people who want to have protection Against Cybersquatting for their business. We can park your website so you can have it reserved for later use if you are willing to start a business and don’t want others to register a domain on your name or use your brand name for their own purposes. We can reserve your name for the website. So only you will have access to use the name whenever you want.

We also offer renewals.

We provide renewal services to the customers for their website hosting. If your website is down and you want to improve it. We provide professional services to give you highly responsive websites which open under three seconds even on the cell phones.

If your domain or hosting is about to expire, you don’t need to worry about it. We provide you with all the services for an extended registration of your domain, and an extended time limit for the hosting. All you have to do is trust our trained professional team, and we will do everything for you, and you will have the results far beyond than your expectations.

The domains we handle

We have a solid experience in handling different domains, some of the most famous are:

  • MYNIc
  • .my
  • .com
  • .net domain name,

These are some of the domains in which we are providing quality solutions to our customers. We provide high-quality solutions with the most famous domain extensions, and you get all that along with highly trained professional support in a complete economical package. Feel free to contact us, and we will provide you out of the box solution to your every problem.

WHOIS privacy protection

It is not an acronym; rather, it says who is responsible. When you open a website, your personal data is publically available to people around the globe. We provide this add on to provide you protection from the people who should not be supposed to be seeing your personal details.

You can avail this service to protect your personal data form the people and organizations you want to hide your personal data and protect your privacy online.

SSL certification

We provide secure sockets layer certification which secures your transactions, credit card number and your browsing on social media. This certification allows establishing an encrypted link that is fully secured between a server and a client. It allows all the information you send and receive on the internet through encryption.