Why Content Writing is Important for Businesses
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Why Content Writing is Important for Businesses

Do you know that more than 409 million people view over 20 billion pages online every month? (OptinMonster). There is clearly a legitimate reason why so many web pages exist and why so many people are reading them.

And this fact is alone enough to gauge the effectiveness of content writing and why you need writing services along with web design services in Malaysia.

But to further help you understand things and get a better perspective, we have mentioned 5 reasons why you need to incorporate content writing in your online marketing strategy for SEO wins.

5 Reasons Why Content Writing Matters for Your Brand

Makes You an Authority:

When you start rolling out daily blog posts and you discuss important aspects in your field, then you start appearing as an authority. Someone who knows their stuff reflects their expertise. So let’s say you are an advertisement firm, and you are discussing why businesses should use advertisements and how it can help them grow and get more sales. Now, if you are providing valuable insights, then people reading that blog will definitely be interested in checking out your services.

Since you appear to know what you’re talking about and are educating people about things related to your industry, they would prefer you over the brands that are just aimlessly promoting themselves. This not only makes you an authority but also gains people’s trust, which is the core element in a professional relationship.

Helps Solve Customer Problems:

You can also write blog posts on the most widely and commonly asked questions in your industry. You can use Google to search the questions that are most searched by people, and then you can write a blog post answering them and help people out. Let’s take the same example of the advertisement firm from above.

If someone is searching whether they need to make a live-action video or an animated one, then you can write a blog post educating about the benefits and pitfalls of both. Someone offering this kind of value for free instantly gets people’s attention. According to SEOTribunal; 57% of marketers admit they’ve gained customers just via blogging.

Gets You Leads:

Do you know that you can also embed forms in your blog posts that will pop up when someone is reading the content? The form will simply ask them to subscribe to your website by entering their name and email address. If they are impressed with your content and want to hear more from you, they will gladly give their contact information.

You can easily secure lots of leads this way and add them to your email marketing system. You can use opt-in forms throughout your blog posts and populate your email list, just by doing so. Then, later on, you can send emails to potential customers telling them about your services and convert them.

Helps with SEO:

According to OptinMonster; 72% of marketers say content creation is the most effective tactic for SEO. This fact alone tells how crucial it is to create valuable content to improve your search rankings. And the best part about search engine optimization is that if it’s working for your website, then you will start getting ranked for the queries that people search related to your brand.

You may start appearing on the 1st page of Google if your content creation game along with off-page SEO is solid, and that will lead to more people visiting your blogs. The more people visiting your blog, the more chances are there that you will get them to convert.

The best part is that this type of traffic is absolutely free. Granted, you will be investing in content creation, but that content will be a one-time investment. And when you start getting traffic on the basis of that content, then you will basically be getting it organically.

Builds Trust and Credibility:

Besides writing blog posts, the copywriting of your website matters a lot as well. When you write the About US page of your website and tell a compelling story that people can relate to, then it builds trust. Similarly, when you put a face or faces to your brand by writing about the CEO and the team, then it helps people make a personal connection with the business.

This kind of content boosts the trust and credibility of the brand because people like a human feel more than a sophisticated corporate one. So make sure to have an attractive copy written as well besides the blog posts.

Over to You:

No matter if you work with the best web design company Malaysia, if your content game is not strong, you will struggle with organic traffic. So we suggest that you bring your A-game to the market and genuinely help people with your valuable blogs.