WordPress Hacked Prevention
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WordPress Hacked Prevention

A beautiful WordPress website is good but it is not excellent if it is vulnerable to hacks and malicious attacks. Your WordPress website needs the correct and proper care and attention from you to make sure everything is safe and in good hands. In order for you to understand how your WordPress need and have to be safe, you first need to understand how the WordPress Hacked Prevention.

What happens if your WordPress get hacked?

  • Files which user wants to upload to the server may contain malicious code or PHP backdoors.
  • Files already on the server, such as your theme files can be modified.
  • Code can be injected into your WordPress database.
  • Users with administrative privileges can be added to your WordPress database.
  • Numerous post and pages can be published containing spam code.
  • Your site can be redirected to malware and malicious site.

Prevention is better than recovery.

Prevention is always better than recovery. It is important to prevent the hack from happening rather than recovering the hacked site. We need to focus on how to prevent these heinous incidents from happening to ensure the data and safety of our WordPress site. How to do that? Here are some of the alternatives:

  • Make sure your WordPress is running the latest version of WordPress.
    • Running the latest version of any software is the most important part in making sure the software is protected carefully and all the security measure are up-to-date.
  • Running the latest versions of plugins and themes.
    • Plugins and themes can be a threat to your WordPress thus ensuring that the plugins and themes used are up-to-date and is not vulnerable to hacking and virus is also as important.
  • Choosing the right plugins and themes.
    • When using WordPress, plugins and themes ease the process of developing a nice and usable WordPress site and due to that, making sure the plugins and themes chosen is of high quality and is the right one for your site to ensure that hacking is close to impossible.
  • Remove inactive or ghost users.
    • In preventing hacking from happening, removing all possible factor that may lead your site to been hack is the approach users have to take. That includes removing the inactive or ghost users that can pose a threat to your security and safety.
  • Complex security keys.
    • Safety and fighting against hackers or hacking is an important task thus having complex and unique security keys are vital to make sure that it is hard or impossible for hacking or hackers to do any malicious activities.