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50% matching grant up to RM5,000

The Government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company.​

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Fill up the form on the right side and get in touch with us right away!

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For qualified SMEs, you are basically getting FREE money from the government to help you to kickstart your business innovation!

MDEC RM5000 SME Digitisation Grant

SME Digitisation Grant

Web Design
Google SEO & Ads
Facebook Marketing & Ads
Software Development
APP Development

What is RM5,000 SME Digitisation Grant?

In conjunction with Budget 2020, The Ministry of Finance (MOF) is now providing grants to Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) to adopt Digitalisation in daily operations.

The 50% digitisation grant of up to RM5,000 is now available for eligible Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to upgrade their systems and technology use in the business. SMEs that subscribe to services in the following areas are entitled to the rebate:

  • HR and POS System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Software Development
  • Website Design and Ecommerce Solution
  • Mobile App development
  • Digital Marketing (such as SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing)
  • Marketing System (such as Whatsapp blasting, email blasting, sms blasting)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is SME digitalisation grant?

  1. SME business digitalisation grant was announced by the ministry of finance under the 2020 budget to support SMEs to adopt digitalisation measures for their operations.
  2. The Government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM 5,000 per company for the subscription of selected digital solutions from Operion.
  3. This matching grant will be worth RM 500 million over 5 years, limited to the first 100,000 SMEs applying to upgrade their systems.

+ Who is eligible for this grant?

  1. Eligibility for SME Digitalisation Grant.
  2. The company is at least 60% owned by Malaysian.
  3. The company registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia.
  4. The SME has been in operation for at least one (1) year.
  5. Company operation in one (1) year, company required to have a minimum annual sales turnover of RM 100,000.
  6. Company operation > two(2) years, company required to have a minimum annual sales turnover of RM 50,000 (preceding two (2) consecutive years).

+ What are the grant details for SME Digitalisation Initiative?

i) Grant
This matching grant is limited to one (1) application per SME only, however, SMEs are allowed to apply up to three (3) digital services with one (1) or more service providers that is endorsed by MDEC (“Service Provider”).

+ How to apply?

  1. Select one of our SME digital solutions (website design, software development, app development, etc), then reach out to us to let us know you are interested in the SME grant.
  2. Download the form and and fill up the required details. Then attach the required documents along with your form.
  3. You can submit all documentation and application form to these 2 emails:
    [email protected]
    – cc to [email protected]
  4. Once approved, the bank will pay 50% of the invoice amount directly to Operion.

+ What documents to prepare? ☜☜☜

  1. Details information and application form: SME digitalisation initiative application.
  2. Copy of identity card or passport of director (s) / partner (s) / proprietor(s), whichever is applicable.
  3. Copy of business registration licenses (CCM, Form A/B, Form 24 & 49 and M&A or any similar forms under the Companies Act 2016).
  4. Audited financial statement for the last financial year and the latest management (if any) or evidences of sales turnover (if any).
  5. Company’s bank statement for the last two (2) months.
  6. Company’s profile (if any).
  7. Any other information and documents as and when required by the bank.

+ Is my personal data safe?

Eligible SME members have the right at any time to:

a) Inquire about the use of Personal Data by contacting the Bank
b) Withdraw the permission given to use Personal Data;
c) Request any amendments/updates be made to the Personal Data

+ How can I get more information regarding the SME Digitalisation Grant?

For more information, please contact the numbers below:

BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional)

SME Bank (Small Medium Enterprise Development Bank Malaysia Berhad)
+603 – 2603 7700