Telegram Blasting System

Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application, telegram has no limits on the size of your media and chats.

Telegram Blasting

Explore & Expose Your Products

Our Telegram Blasting System allows you to blast your messages out to unlimited Telegram users. Daily bulk sending to thousand customers enable businesses to grow faster than others. The messages can be customized in such creative way with text, emoji and even graphic files.

Telegram Broadcast

Explore New or Unknown Market

This system enables you to blast your messages to new or unknown market. For example, blast in text and image method as a flyer to unknown contacts. Our delivery rate for Telegram blasting is higher than 90% for customer who blast to their customer’s Telegram ID. You may also explore your products to all the contact numbers without concern of block/ban to your number.

Telegram Marketing

Mobile Friendly Advertiser

As the usage of smartphone users increased day-by-day, the best way to keep in touch with clients in this modern day is by mobile phones. Most of the people these days prefer social media texting over calls. Therefore, promotional messages sent through Telegram make it easier for businesses to reach out their products. All the LINKs include in your text can be directly clickthrough, such a blessing to businesses that wanted to increase their traffic!!!

Telegram Marketing System

Direct Customer Feedback

Our Telegram Blasting System major contribution is to help our clients form a strong bond with their customers. Businesses that frequently send their flyers to customer will increase their recognition. The more you send, the higher the customer get to know your brand, the bigger the number of sales you may possibly get. ALL existing Telegram Users are your potential sales. What you need to do is take a quick step and engage with the Blasting and let them know your Existence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Features of Telegram Blasting System

- Sending promotional message/event to your customer.
- Sending the text message with emoji and graphic file.
- Schedule your campaign to send it later.

Remarks of Telegram Blasting System

- All packages are ONE-time payment basis.
- Extendable server to serve more than 500,000 blast per day.
- Blast with Telegram ID will increase the Delivery Rate.

What sender will be displayed in my customer’s Telegram?

- Sender number is all in Malaysia (+60), you may change into Sender Name you want. Eg: Change to your Brand name or Company name.
- We will not use your mobile number for blasting purpose because it may cause your number get banned.
- We blast to overseas Telegram as well.

Will my purchased credits expire?

- There is no expiration date for your purchased credits. - It will stay and remaining at your account before used.

Will you help me to launch the blasting campaign?

- Yes, we can help to launch your campaign. You may launch it by yourself as well.
- We provide FULL user guide to our customers.

What information should I provide for blasting purpose?

- Contact numbers each with country code “60”, or users’ Telegram ID in TXT (Notepad) file
- Promotional message in text (Maximum 4,000 characters).
- Media file that attached together with message (Optional).

What is your system operating hours?

- Our system working hours are 11am to 9pm.
- Campaign submission time last at 6pm.
- System maintenance every Sunday.

How is your Delivery Report and Delivery Rate?

- Delivery Report will be downloadable at the panel within 3 working days.
- Delivery Rate is >90%.