6 Things You Need to Know When Collecting Your Customer Feedback
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6 Things You Need to Know When Collecting Your Customer Feedback

Most of the restaurants are using QR code which setup on the table to receive timely feedback from theirs customers. In my research, I found that there are several points that most restaurants has missed out. I would like to share my findings and hopefully this could help restaurant’s owner to improve the way to display the QR code in order to receive more valuable feedback from customers. So, let me share with you the 6 important things that you need to know when you design your customer survey form and what needs to be done before you implement it in your shop.

1. Control The Questions
Usually, we will set a lot of questions in the customer survey form to collect as much information as possible, but this will create a burden for the customers as they don’t want to spend a lot of leisure time in answering the “heavy tasks” like an exam.
When it comes to designing the questions, we need to hold a key point. Do we need to collect customer data such as their name, marital status, gender? Unless you know how to use the data input from your customers to make a decision for your business plan. Or do we need feedback about food and drinks by setting up the STAR rating system? In most cases, we design customer survey form with not more than five questions and its best with options for selection.

2. What Should Be The Questions
To know what is the information you need to collect from your customer, firstly you need to be very clear what you want to achieve in your business plan, then you will be able to set the correct questions in your customer survey form.
Says for example, you want to design a set meal for mother’s day. Now you got an objective, you can set the question like “how many family members you have?”, “How much average do you spend for a special day celebration?” These questions and its input help you to design the set meal that your customer needs. We do not do customer surveys because our competitors are also doing but we need to know the objective of this survey.

3. Control The Flow
When you design the questions  in the customer survey form, you need to consider from the perspective of customers, how are they going to fill in the questions? From the selection of drop down list? Or they need to write something? 
Usually we try to set questions with the option A, B and C for the customer to choose from, which is very important and the customer will feel “easy” and “comfort” in this way. Please try to avoid questions which requires your customer to take more than 3 seconds to think and answer. For example: What is your favourite color? Fill in the blank……. [this is a terrible question].
For Instance you have a total of five questions in your survey and some of the questions might be superficial. Then you need to carefully design your question flow by putting the easiest questions at the top and the difficult questions at the last.

4. Engage With Customers
When you request a QR code survey from your customer in your restaurant or cafe. Don’t expect your customers to pick up their phone to scan and fill in by themselves. No one would do that. Like me, i just treat it as a “graphic”, “cartoon”, or “poster” that you use to decorate your restaurant.
Many people ignore this point, they think that the completion of QR code printing means the completion of the work and expect the customer will Scan and fill in the survey form. What we need to do is to train our employees to get in touch with customers by saying this to your customer: “Hello, could you scan this QR code and give us your valuable feedback for our improvement purpose?”. 
Just a simple conversation with your customer, you will see the result and the difference if you ask your employees to greet and talk to your customers.

5. When Should We Engage With Customers?
This is very important when it comes into the marketing perspective, you might be already done the above-mentioned things but you need to carefully think WHEN is the best timing to get in touch with customers? 
Do you want the customer to scan the QR code when they’re seated, or when they’re waiting for their meal? Or when they want to pay? Carefully design the step will help to increase the conversion. 
Different types of restaurants have different ways of implementation. 

6. How To Increase The Participation 
From the perspective of customer consumption, everyone as a “customer” wants to get benefit from others. You too! We need to provide them with something that makes them feel “I must have it” and tell them why they should take this action. For example, you can give them a discount coupon or a lucky draw after their participation, Let them know that they will be rewarded.
What value do you give your clients in exchange for information? Think about it. Maybe RM5 discount can help you improve a lot.