Malaysia Influencer Marketing

Make your business connect to huge targeted audience online with influencer marketing. Influencer Marketing also known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) is now an established form on online marketing. It make your business to be reach more categories of targeted audiences by influences of the influencer.

Overview of Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing ?

Influencer marketing is a process of a company co-operates with some online influencer so that the products or services will be propagate widely through the online marketing.

With influences of these famous online influencer, the sales of the products or services absolutely will be increase as most of the audiences are easily influence by these influencer.

Overview of Influencer Model

Who is Your Brand's Influencer ?

Influencer marketing cannot be operate successful without the online influencer. Influencer play an important role, but who can be defined as influencer?

An influencer is someone who may have a power to influence the purchasing decisions of the targeted audiences. Different groups of audiences will be attracted by the different groups of the influencer.

Overview of Influencer Social Media

How Influencer Marketing Work ?

By starting influencer marketing, you must first define your campaign goals and the targeted audience. Then confirm the influencer who you want to co-operate with. The influencer can be choose based on your targeted audience.

If the audience of the influencer is match with your targeted audience, then the influencer is suitable to propagate your brand. For example, we know a famous Youtuber, who have most of the audience with age range of 18 years old until 24 years old.

This means that the audience attracted with him are mostly teenagers. Therefore if your targeted audience is teenagers, absolutely you can collabrate with him, as this surely will increase your sales.

Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing allow to build trust of audiences to your brand. When a famous online influencer promote your brand, the targeted audiences will be more trust on it and recognized it.

Next, influencer marketing will allow your brand reach your targeted audiences effectively. By affect of influencer, your brand will connect to more targeted audience as the influencer is famous and he is followed by a lot of audiences.

Futhermore, influencer marketing also will increase your sales. Since your brand has built trusting among the targeted audience, they will more prefer to purchase the products or services of your brand. This enable your brand have a good sales compare to the other competitors.

You can choose to co-operate with the influencer based on the categories of targeted audiences. Belows show the brands of the Youtuber collabrate with:

Boost up your brand Awareness with the Power of Influencer

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: 24 YO (2022)

: 28 MAR 1998



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of followers a person needs to be considered an influencer?

There’s many factors that are considered before we recruit a person to our influencer network, and one of those is audience size. While there isn’t a set minimum, you do need to have a large enough audience to make a visible impact with your content. Impact is measured primarily in impressions, and engagements. The larger, and more engaged your follower base is, the more likely we will hire you as an influencer.

How much are influencers paid?

This might be the most frequently asked influencer marketing question, but unfortunately there is no straightforward answer. Influencer marketing agencies pay different rates, which are based on many factors, and vary between individuals and campaigns. Sometimes influencers have their own base price, which they wish to be paid, and others are happy to negotiate based on the ask for each campaign.

How can we get started with the influencer campaign with Operion?

Provide us with information such as the target audience and target age along with the product or services that you would want to promote to get started immediately.

How much do you charge for the management fees?

The management fees will be charged based on the project size. Generally, the management fees will cover the quality management of the photos. A report will also be provided after the campaign.

Which platform will the influencer work on?

Influencers under us will be working on Facebook and Instagram for the campaign.

What influencer marketing strategy should you use?

Ensure to choose the most suitable system upstream to establish the operation. Use the right social network with its own dynamic and engagement potential. This paired up with the creation of creative content would be an amazing strategy.

How will I hire the right influencer for my business?

We will do it for you. Just contact us via Whatsapp and tell us more about your business as well as your products. We will get you an influencer that is tailored for your needs.

Can I still join as an influencer if I am not from the top locations such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh or Klang?

Yes, you still can as long as your influencer network is relatively wide. If the impressions and engagement received from your network is large enough, you are eligible to be an influencer with Operion.