E-Commerce Web Design

A website holds the key in forming a business by taking it online. Get your store on the Internet now, and let your work run 24/7.

OPERION: Ecommerce Website Design Agency based Malaysia offering optimized premium themes for WooCommerce stores, with a focus on fast, fluid, user-friendly interfaces.

Compatible with WordPress 4.7/4.8/4.9/5.0+ and WooCommerce 3.6+

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Business, Marketplace, Retail

Operion packs premium WordPress themes along with the exhibition of supremacy with its premium WooCommerce online stores of all kinds. Focused mainly on the user’s experience, Operion operates with AJAX tech to provide everyone with a smooth and seamless time excluding any effort involved in unnecessary refreshes. Build the store you want, and how you want. Start your journey today of passive income stream with Operion for WordPress and don’t look back.

Theme Settings Panel

With a catchy theme panel that includes all the settings within one click, no prior coding experience is required. Operion's working interface comes equipped with the smarts you need to give that magical touch to your graphical interface.

Fully Customizable

Limitless options are available when it’ll come to the modification of your website. It’s designed in a way that lets the user make rapid changes, and the website adapts to the additions simultaneously. You can change your fonts, diversely update your colour palette to meet any demands, and display all your product variations without a hassle. Everything’s accessible from the intuitive WordPress dashboard.

Responsive Design

No one likes to wait. That’s why Operion features a totally responsive design that’s actively intelligent enough to detect the platform it’s being used on.

Therefore, listing items for sale, and creating killer stores seems as easy as ABC with Operion. You can always leave the technical stuff to the developers. The website is optimized to work smoothly on all devices - laptops, desktop PC, smartphones, and tablets.

Easy To Update

E-Commerce Web Design easily allows you to maintainand update your website anytime and anywhere. There’s no limit to listing and scaling your products orservices in accordance with your demands.

Moreover, Operion gives you easy ways to promote the products in - demand and update the products’ popularity level.

Retina Ready

In terms of pixel density, the website will clock highest performance in accordance with the user’s device. Being Retina Ready means that in the right conditions,the website’s display will be extremely flamboyant.

With the Retina Ready theme for WordPress, make the most of your creativity and imagination.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is something that everyone’s after for. It helps rank your website on Google, and generates more traffic and clicks. It’s really a key component of a website that makes it rise to success.

This is basically the usage of specific terms and words in your website that makes the Google algorithm signify the content and rank it above on the displayed search results. Operion offers the associated well-design, the use of correct metadata, and keeps the experience free of any bloat.

The All-Powerful AJAX Technique

Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX) and XML are key methodologies used in web development allowing a web page to communicate with a server without having to reload the entire page. This is keenly noticed when you switch from one product page to another and observe smoothness. A website isn’t AJAX powered when there are loading times even when performing the most meagre of operations such as changing a category. Operion simply updates the page as you use itto keep the experience fluid and prompt. This is what it should be like for the leading marketplaces, and Operion is intent on delivering nothing but the best.

Over 35 Demo Layouts

A great website should have a nice supply of demo layouts to get you started and we recognized this from the outset and went out hard from the gate with over 35 stunning layouts for you to choose from. You can use our theme for any kind of store including furniture, fashion, clothing, electronics, watches, glasses, sport, shoes, jewellery, cosmetics and a lot of others. Our theme is also suitable for corporate and magazine websites and you can use it without WooCommerce.

Mobile Responsive Website

The website is designed to be perfectly adapted automatically on all devices. Since the frequency of smartphone users browsing websites increases rapidly, it is important to optimize your website to respond to mobile websites. Remember, simple website designs are easier to navigate on mobile devices than website designs with complex graphics.

Advanced Variable Products

The ability to apply various product variables and swatches to products in the online store is a must-have. Operion offers exactly this service and allows a lot more than one listing. Furthermore, the design is extremely flexible in nature that labels many categories and subcategories. This provides your online shop with depth, precision, and accuracy. Once the product has been selected, they flow to Your Cart without needing any reloads or extra efforts.

Flexible Shipping Fees Settings

Malaysia eCommerce website design Online shopping order Amount By Order Quantity Free Shipping
Total Weight Order Amount Order Quantity Free Shipping

Track your order

Easy to manage customer orders and keep track of your product inventories anytime.

Drag & Drop Header Builder!

A great user experience often starts with an awesome header design, and as silly as that may sound to some it is often overlooked. With the next iteration of Operion we release a powerful 'Drag & Drop' header builer that gives you complete control over designing your headers. Drag blocks into place, label them, update background images, colours, borders, padding youname it. All with a simple GUI that anyone can use to build something really unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I need an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website will enable your business to reach more targeted audiences. It is a great tools for your customers to learn more about the services or products provided by your company. An eCommerce website will also help you to promote your business. Here's our blog, Click here you can refer and learn more about the benefits of having a websites for your business.

Does the process of eCommerce web design take a long time?

We can deliver your website in 10 Working Days. Your website can be delivered by us within 10 Working Days ! The speed of processing a complete website depends on the workload of your project and how fast you respond to the info pertaining to your project. Though the time for a website construction are different, we will start your project immediately and agree on a schedule once we have all the information that you provided.

I already have an existing domain name. Can I just use it?

Yes, your own existing domain name can be used, but you have take note that, your existing website with this domain name will be replaced by new website, once your new website have published.

Is the design of my eCommerce website can be changed at anytime?

Yes, we have tons of templates for eCommerce websites. You can choose and change it at anytime as well as you like.

Is there has yearly renewal fee for eCommerce website? How much is it?

Yes, the renewal fee is depends. It is based on the your subscription package. You can tell us your requirement and we will let you know the details.

Can promote and make my eCommerce website reach more customers?

Yes, not only design your website, we will also provide a service for the marketing of your website. A website plays as an important role in extension of your business. It is a great tool to improve your business, but it does not have much benefit if no one views the website. Therefore we will make sure your website is built with search engine optimization in mind. This will enable more people to reach your website via search engines so that your website will receive more visitors. You also can refer our blog, Click here to learn more about the ways to promote your business.

Can I ask ask you to help me to upload my products to my eCommerce website?

We will only help you to upload the first batch of your products as a sample. But we has workout a package to help you do the uploading if you have more than 500+ or 1000+ products.

Is it possible for me to upload and update the web pages by myself?

Absolutely can. A new or updated existing web page can be uploaded easily with the presence of content management system (CMS).

Are there limitations for the products I can upload to my website?

No, you can upload   unlimited   number of products to your website.

Is there any necessary software or programs I need installed into my computer?

No need at all, what you need to have is only an Internet browser with Internet connections. You are not required to install any additional software or programs.

I do not have any ideas in how to upload and update the contents or products on my eCommerce website. Is there have any guideline for me or will you teach us?

Yes, a training about teaching the fundamentals on how to upload and update your content and products will be provided for you so that you can manage your eCommerce website easily.

Which types of the payment gateways can be supported in this eCommerce website?

Our eCommerce website can support major payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, iPay88, Razer Pay, BillPlz, e-GHL, Boost, Touch-N-Go and Grab Pay. You can also refer to our blog Click here to learn more about the payment gateways.

Is it possible to make the eCommerce website integrate with Google sign-in and Facebook sign-in?

Yes, we will make your eCommerce website to integrate with Google sign-in and Facebook sign-in. Therefore, your customers will have more options to login to your eCommerce website. This also will reduce the complex step to register and allow them to purchase your products easily in a shorter time.

Can the eCommerce website be supported by an inventory control system?

Yes, the inventory control system can be supported in eCommerce website. This system enable your products set by the variations of your products.
You can also choose to hide or show the quantity of your products in your eCommerce website.
A message of “Out of stock” can be shown too if there is running out of stock. You will get a notification by the system if your stock is low.

Does the shipping management and tracking services support in the eCommerce website?

Yes, our eCommerce website can support shipping management and tracking system. Below shows its features:
- Majority of shipping courier has been integrated with the eCommerce website.
- The shipping fee can be displayed according to the quantity of the products purchased.
- There is listing of the shipping fees according to the different states.
- Enable some shipping options for the sellers such as calculate shipping by weight, calculate shipping fee by item or seller can also offer free shipping for customers.
- Enable the printing for PDF Invoice and Delivery.
- The status of shipments is auto-update.
- The status of shipments is auto notify to customers and admin
- Tracking statistics
- Tracking Company (DHL, Poslaju, NikaVan, J&T, GDex, Skynet, City-Link, FedEx, TNT, Ta-Q-Bin, DPex, ABX Express)
- Enable the Email notification, by default
- Enable the SMS notification with additional cost involved

Can the eCommerce website integrate to marketplace?

Yes, we can integrate the eCommerce website to marketplace like Lazada, Shopee, Lelong.my and etc.. This eCommerce marketplace integration enable the existing inventory lists on your eCommerce website automatically sync to others e-commerce marketplaces. What you need to do is just upload products once, all of your inventory listings will be allowed to integrate automatically to your others e-commerce marketplace.

Is the eCommerce website support the size and color setting?

Yes, our eCommerce website can support the size and color of the items. You can control the quantity of your stock based on the size and color.

Is it possible for me to have a blog in my eCommerce website?

Absolutely, you can do this. We will advise with you about the technical matters.

I feel interested in eCommerce website. So far, how can I get started?

You can make an appointment with us by sending us your enquiry. Or else you can also call us at +6010 - 276 0878 , and let us discuss your project!

The question I'm seeking about this eCommerce website design is not found. What can I do?

You can just contact us by sending an enquiry. You can also call us at +6010 - 276 0878 and ask for your questions. We would love to talk and solve your problems.

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I want to have a website but I have no idea where to start?

We got your back. Contact us to have a free consultation. We will sahre our thoughts on which type of website design would be suitable the most for you, either you want the website to look like Lazada or Airasia. On top of that, you should know your objective for the website. Your objective is drive in lead; sell your product; or you want to have a website to present your company.

I want someone to complete a project in a short period of time.

YES! You have come to the right place. Our hardcore programmers love to challenge and deliver project in limited period of time. We are experienced in delivering a complex MLM system in 5 days, and a comprehensive website in just 3 days.