Ecommerce Web Design

The most effective way to sell and promote your products online. Create your online store and start to selling your products now.

Ecommerce Website can:

Easy to use, update and maintain

Ecommerce Website is the excellent way for you to promote your brand and improve your bottom line.

Multiple Payment Method Supported

Offer multiple payment options for the customers, such as Paypal and ipay88.

Accept Credit Cards and Internet Banking

Manage Shipping Tax

You can set up customized tax for your products in different locations.

Flexible Shipping Fees Settings

Malaysia eCommerce website design Online shopping order Amount By Order Quantity Free Shipping
Total Weight Order Amount Order Quantity Free Shipping

Track your order

Easy to manage customer orders and keep track of your product inventories anytime.

Online Shopping Cart Packages

Biz Commerce
RM 6,299++
Brand Commerce
RM 15,299++
Web Design Concept SIX Professional Designs Customize a Brand Image Website to stand out among your competitors!
Cloud Space 50,000 MB 50,000 MB
Homepage Slideshow
Flexible SEO Keywords Setting
Background Uploads
Unlimited Content Pages
Unlimited Picture Uploads
Unlimited Product Uploads
Responsive Web Page
With Special Request!
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Optional Upgrade Entitlement Click here to know more!
Unlimited Ecommerce Product Feature Product Features
Categorize Product
Product Brands
Product Item Size / Color / etc
Product Stock
Show / Hide For "Out Of Stock" Item
Accept Pre-Order Item
Filter Product Item
Product Upselling
Highly Effective Marketing Strategy Marketing Module
Promotion Code
Promotion Product Setting
Email Marketing By Selected Criteria
Google Business Placement
"New" Icon For Newly Added Products
Members Enjoy Special Privilege Membership Module
Member Registration / Login
Account / Profile setting
Shipping Address
Dual Price (Normal Price and Member Price)
Member Grouping
Login Privileges (VIP Member Price / Information)
Product Free Shipping Shipping Module
Flat Shipping Rate
Charge By Order Amount
Charge By Item Quantity
Charge By Total Weight
Free Shipping at Min. Order Amount / Order Item
Various Online Payment Method Accepted Worldwide Payment Module
PayPal, iPay88, MOLPay, eGHL, RevPay
E-Wallet Payment
Special Price Request Module
Guest Checkout
Unlimited Features Miscellaneous
Multilingual (EN, CN, MY, more)
Multicurrency (MYR, USD, EUR)
Show / Hide Product Weight
Show / Hide Available Quantity
Show / Hide Product Code
Show / Hide Product Price
Payment Status Settings
Delivery Status Settings
Ecommerce Store Visitors Report Reporting
Customer Order
Google Analytics
Top Products View
Top Contents View
Ecommerce Weekly Database Backup More Features
Newsletter Subscription
Facebook 'Like' button!
Facebook 'Share' button!
2-Level Navigation Menu
Internal Search Engine
Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Photo Gallery
Event Calendar Event Calendar Event Calendar
Company Logo & Fav Icon
* If you are an entrepreneur who want to start an online business.
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* When you're selling your own brand of products and you need a unique branding web design.

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Online Shopping Cart Packages

Biz Commerce
With 6 elegant & professional design
Cloud Space of 50,000 MB
With slideshow as top banner
Unlimited Content Pages
Unlimited Picture Uploads
Unlimited Product Photos
PayPal and iPay88 as payment gateway
Product Categories
Flexible SEO keywords setting
Member registration/login
Free Gifts worth RM 5,080 !
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Brand Commerce
Customize web design to fit your needs !
Cloud Space of 50,000 MB
With slideshow as top banner
Unlimited Content Pages
Unlimited Picture Uploads
Unlimited Product Photos
Product Item Attribute
Google Business Listing
Dual price (normal price and member price)
PayPal and iPay88 as payment gateway
Free Gifts worth RM 5,080 !
and many more...
Not sure which one to choose? Call or e-mail us to let us know what are your needs, and we will suggest a package that is best for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we upload and update the web pages ourselves?

Absolutely. With Operion CMS, you can upload new or update existing web pages easily.

How many products I can upload to the website?

You can upload   unlimited   number of products to your website.

Do I have to install any necessary software or programs into my computer?

No, all you need is just an internet browser with internet connections available. There is no need to install any additional software or programs.

How long does the Ecommerce web design process take?

Operion SOP can deliver your website in 10 Working Days! It depends on the project workload and how quickly you respond to info pertaining to your project. Though the website construction times vary, once we have all of your provided information, we'll start your project immediately and agree on a schedule.

Can I use my existing domain name?

Yes, you can use the existing domain name that you own, but do remember that after once your new website is published, your existing website will be replaced.

How will customers find my website?

We will not only design your website, we will help your company market your website. Your website is an extension of your business and a great tool, but if no one views the site, it doesn't do much good. We build your site with search engine optimization in mind. This means more people will find your site via search engines and your website will receive more visitors.

How am I going to upload / update contents or products to my website? Is there any guideline or will you teach us?

Yes, we will provide a 3 hours training for you and teach the fundamentals on how to upload / update your content and products.

I'm interested in what I heard so far, how can we get started?

Make an appointment with us by sending us an enquiry or call us at 010 - 468 4932 , and let us discuss your project.

I did not see any of the questions that I'm seeking. What should I do?

You can contact us by sending an enquiry or call us at 010 - 468 4932 and ask us your questions. We would love to talk and solve your problems.