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We are Operion Ecommerce & Software Sdn Bhd - a company who has been diligently uncovering solutions for clients since 2007.



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For the last 15 years, we have perfected our approach to web design, e-commerce, software development, software customization, and mobile app development for more than 50 different business sectors with the help of 12 creative team members from around the world.

Developing the latest technological solutions cannot be done alone. It’s a process that calls for joint efforts with some of the brightest minds and organizations in the world. Operion has collaborated with BERNAMA to develop an internet business and marketing campaign to small and medium enterprises. As a leader in our space, we have also been appointed to be on the jury panel for the Malaysia Website Award organized by Exabyte.

Inspiring the next generation is also an integral part of what we do. We’ve collaborated with ORIX to promote a NASA APP called “Startup Campaign” to drive interest in technology among potential future developers. We have also shared our technology publicly with various colleges in Malaysia through education and speaker events to share our extensive knowledge about software development.

Our founder Lukas J. Tan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Engineering in TAR UC and has been in the IT industry since the young age of 10. He believes that Malaysia is a rising star in the technology sector and that we can help harness the country’s talents for the greater good.

"We are your trusted web design, e-commerce, software and mobile app partner."

Our team of experts in web development, software architecture design, database design, and research & development work closely with our customers to meet their specific demands and needs, always providing the best possible solutions.

Technology is always changing. For that reason, we are never done learning. We are continually researching the latest technologies to better service our clients’ needs based on their specific industries.

For example, we’ve recently expanded into clients within the manufacturing industry. To better serve these clients, we have taken steps to provide industrial training to multinational corporations in using software technology to improve business operations. We also have extensive experience in developing an “internet of things” to help overall company operations including sensor monitoring and conveyer reading.

No matter the challenge, we’ll meet it with enthusiasm to become experts in your organization’s field to improve efficiencies while reducing costs.

Our Mission For Our Clients

  • To help our clients incorporate software into their lives and businesses in order to improve life, quality and work efficiency.

Our Vision For The Future

  • For our country to become developed, we feel that it is important for everyone to understand the importance of software technology and how to implement it across all fields and business sectors. Our vision is to help as many people as possible gain an understanding about communicating with technical developers to enhance the growth of business and, in turn, help grow the economy.

The Value We Provide Our Clients

High level of quality drives all we do. Regardless of the size of the project, our upper management pays close attention to every project through development to ensure the work is up to our high standards.

To us, high-quality software means it is:

  • Scalable in any situation and integrates easily with any platform.
  • Able to handle various user requirements and environment changes.
  • The framework is easy to maintain by any level of programmer.