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A stunning website plays a very important role in business lead generation in the digital era. Browse our available templates.
Website Design

E-Commerce Website

Expand your business online and sell your products on famous marketplace such as Lazada, Zalora and Shopee.
Ecommerce Website Development

Software Design

Process of creating, designing, coding, testing, and maintaining computer programs and applications.
Website Maintenance

Server Management

Cloud infrastructure deployment and maintenance for enterprises and government institutions.

AWS Server Google Cloud Server
Digital Ocean Server
SMS Marketing

Blockchain Solution

Use of cryptographic techniques to secure and protect sensitive information, transactions, and communications in the digital world.
Email Marketing System

WhatsApp Marketing

Sending personalized whatsapp message to you customer. Supported by text, emoji and graphic files.
Whatsapp Marketing
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The Difference

Software company in Penang, Malaysia operating since 2007, and from then on out, all we have is nothing but a line-up of satisfied customers from Singapore, Auckland, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Nigeria and The Bahamas.

As your very own website designer, we feel honoured in researching, analysing, and planning your project’s requirements with commitment. What follows is a result that’s going to work great for you and us both. We feel pride in affirming that we are one of the best web design companies in Malaysia. Known for on-time delivery, and keen intuition, Operion is a symbol of efficiency.

Our experience makes our name what it is today. Having a wide business exposure with a handful of industries, the process of learning is constant andexcelling at it as well. Being in the business for 17 years, we are more than confident to deliver on extensive and short-term projects alike.

Moreover, we host the best solutions for the multitude of problems in various enterprises, and come forth with what they need. We are powered by the motto of “Keeping it Simple”, and introduce “Cutting-Edge Design.”

Venerated with many invitations from different colleges universities such as Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Olympia College, Wawasan Open University, and Lim Kokwing University, we have been presented with the opportunity to share our vast knowledge of E-Commerce, the trend, and software technology related to the subjects of students.

The company has been founded by Lukas Tan - a creator who has developed many systems. These involve a marketplace system, classified system, job portals, and CRM system. There is a plethora of services that he has invested in ever since he stepped foot in the IT industry.

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Recognition, credibility and trust towards our work and dedication.


Discuss what you require with our team of friendly professionals who have acquired 17 years of experience in website and software development.

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How fast is your website design service?

Standard website design process would take 1 to 2 weeks to complete. However, the duration may increase due to complexity of the website. You can also browse our available templates.

How do you ensure the quality and reliability of software

Implement rigorous testing methodologies, including unit tests, integration tests, and system tests.

What are the website design processes?

3 - 5 days to develop the website mockup and system framweork once the client confirms the project. The development work takes in between 1 and 3 weeks based on the project scopes.

How to get my website to be shown in Google?

When your website has LIVE. You can connect your website to Google webmaster tools, Google Business location, Google feedburner... Uhmm.. Don't forget to register your website in Google Analytics to track your website visitor's traffic.

I want to have a website but I have no idea where to start?

We got your back. Contact us to have a free consultation. We will sahre our thoughts on which type of website design would be suitable the most for you, either you want the website to look like Lazada or Airasia.

What are some best practices for ensuring security and data protection in software applications

Best practices for software application security and data protection include encryption, secure authentication, regular updates, security audits and secure coding practices.

How can security be ensured in e-commerce website development in short sentence

Security in e-commerce website development can be ensured through measures such as SSL encryption, secure payment gateways, PCI DSS compliance, strong password policies, regular security audits, and data protection practices.

What are the best practices for optimizing the performance of e-commerce websites?

The best practices for optimizing the performance of e-commerce websites include caching, image optimization, minification of CSS and JavaScript files, CDN integration, reducing server response time, and efficient database queries.

How can user experience (UX) be improved through web design

User experience (UX) can be improved through web design by focusing on intuitive navigation, clear information architecture, responsive and mobile-friendly layouts, fast loading times, accessible content, visually appealing aesthetics, and seamless interactions.