OPERION Integrates Christmas Charity Event with ESG Values, Emphasizing Corporate Social Responsibility
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OPERION Integrates Christmas Charity Event with ESG Values, Emphasizing Corporate Social Responsibility

Butterworth, 05 February, 2024 – OPERION, an information technology-focused company, has not only excelled in the business domain but has also seamlessly incorporated corporate social responsibility into its culture through active community service. On December 22, 2023, OPERION successfully hosted a Christmas party that blended philanthropy with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility.

OPERIONs team not only brought joy and warmth to the children at Yong Ai during the event but also advocated for environmental sustainability, social justice, and good corporate governance. The use of energy-efficient decorations, sustainable materials, and the positive impact on the local community showcased Operion’s dedication to ESG values.

OPERION’s CEO Mr Lukas stated, “OPERION believes in making a positive contribution to society and the environment alongside business success. Our Christmas charity event aims to raise awareness about ESG values and demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development through tangible actions.”

The event provided OPERION with a platform to showcase its corporate social responsibility, offering employees and volunteers an opportunity to actively engage in community service. OPERION’s ESG initiative not only emphasizes the company’s commitment to sustainable operations but also deepens the sense of identity among employees and the community.

Yong Ai, Kulim’s Manager expressed gratitude for OPERION’s ESG initiative: “OPERION’s activities not only brought joy to our children but also conveyed a positive set of values to society. We appreciate OPERION’s focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance aspects.”

OPERION pledges to continue integrating ESG values into future activities, driving the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility to bring about positive change in the community.

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