Hopping With Remote Work or Work From Home
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Hopping With Remote Work or Work From Home

How it began

I like to take pride in the company culture OPERION has established. I am the CEO here, and I always tell my employees, ” Lukas doesn’t want to walk or run. He likes to Leap.” Over the years, we’ve emphasized the Leap theory in OPERION. When the leader leaps, the entire company is also compelled to take the jump. In this way, the overall efficiency of the team improves and working hours lower. Here we motivate the employees to unleash their potential and reach their peak.

OPERION has no room for slow coaches. We instruct our employees to work hard and work smart. The dynamic and adaptive approach is what brought us here today.

With the outbreak of the global pandemic, people weren’t sure how our ventures would continue. But we in OPERION live by the faith “Make Everything Easy & Trouble-Free!” So I decided to incorporate the Made Easy motif in almost everything we have. This is why OPERION stepped up to introduce the Work From Home policy. Not that we didn’t have it before. We introduced the WFH policy before the pandemic hit us. We wanted to have tech-lovers from around the world in our team. I always dreamt of having a team with of multicultural workforce. We didn’t think about the country or nationality of a person as long as they were adept.

So when I began implementing the policy for OPERION, people pushed me. According to them, work from home is something designed only for the big corporations. It doesn’t make much sense for startups and small companies. But I disagreed with the world. I wanted to prove the WFH policy is reasonable and feasible for small enterprises and micro-businesses also. All it takes is a planned program and cooperation from employees, interns, and trainees.

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One thing that I always wanted for OPERION is to have the best team players. Our industry was growing at a fast rate and had an enriched company culture. In my view, the country shouldn’t be a barrier to equipping the team with efficient employees.

With this view in my mind, I enforced the WFH policy on OPERION in January 2020. And this decision was really moving for a tech company like OPERION. The practice allowed us to hire talents globally. OPERION is not an institution to make money. It’s the field for self-development and your unrelenting efforts to accelerate our business growth. If this demands us to hire staff from anywhere in the world, we will do it. But the team must be polished with the best participants.

After the pandemic hit in March 2020, the global hiring process became more prominent. Now the team of OPERION comprises game-changers from Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia. This helped me take my company culture a step higher. OPERION is looking forward to further work with geniuses of different nationalities.

During the Pandemic

For a tech company like OPERION, I knew the importance of face-to-face communication. Everything within the company urged for in-person meetings. But still, I wanted to introduce a new working style in our company. OPERION is a growth horizon. Before the advent of the pandemic, we had already started working with the WFH policy. We incorporated Zoom and Google Meet into our company culture long ago. This proves the far-sightedness of OPERION. Not only could we sense the change, but we were also dynamic and ambitious enough to accept the modification. We tried, and it worked for us in many cases. I could see it’s really not necessary for everyone to be in the office. As time passed, work from home ushered to be benchmark flexibility and agility in the whole world.

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In the global pandemic, people were left with no other alternative. None of us wanted our companies to lag or fall behind. They still had to maintain their productivity and deliverability as per the new rules. Thus, began the era of Work From Home.

With the proper instructions coming from the leader, control can be administered even in the Work From Home policy. When regulations and mechanisms are set, employees will no longer confuse their supervisors with inefficient working methodology.

Beyond the Pandemic

Non-face-to-face work is the new style of work. Employees today are enjoying it as WFH allows them to maintain the perfect work-life balance. I believe work from home has also facilitated employee retention. People no longer are hunting for the next ample opportunity since they are now devouring the comfort of the homely lifestyle. And if we look at the big picture, WFH has initiated an uninterrupted working style in contrast with the bustling office environment. The quieter home environment helps people focus on their work better. This is what OPERION needs to build a robust company structure.

But I like to see the entire Work From Home from a different angle. Traffic congestion is an enigma in Malaysia. When interns and employees are on their way to work, they have to spend a wholesome portion of their time sitting in traffic. This was hampering the overall productivity of OPERION. But when WFH came into the picture, the difficulty was solved to a great extent. People were working from their homes and delivering their results via virtual mediums.

The timely solution was also monumental in terms of finances. Interns had to spend a considerable portion of their incomes on traveling. They were only interns, so it was challenging to put in their salaries to reach the workplace. So, I think the WFH policy solved the issue considerably. It motivated all the employees to save up for the rainy days.

The best thing about the whole Work From Home policy is that everyone can now hire globally. It’s OPERION’s belief there are hidden talents everywhere. If we don’t give these people the opportunity, how are they supposed to change the industry? Since work from home is the trend today, corporate companies are extending their programs to hire people from around the globe.

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We introduced the worldwide hiring thing before the pandemic. I really wanted to present everyone the opportunity to become an active member of our growing team. But during Covid-19, OPERION upscaled. We are constantly putting forward our best foot to outperform our competitors.

The Work From Home strategy can cause problems like inefficient performance tracking, potential burnouts, security risks, etc. But this is something the world needs today to keep everything running. And I believe this is how OPERION will reach its milestone.