Autobot CRM system earned the JCI Best Business Plan 2019 Award
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Autobot CRM system earned the JCI Best Business Plan 2019 Award

Team Autobot won the Championship in the Best Business Plan (BBP)  2019, organized by JCI Malaysia.  We would like to thank JCI Malaysia for organizing such a great event so we have a chance to present our idea and showcase our brand to the public. 
In order to become the champion among 83 companies, the founders Lukas Tan and Shin Yi contributed a lot in video shooting, scriptwriting and also powerpoint presentation. The secret that made us succeed is PRACTICE. Practice Make Perfect!  Yes, we practiced almost every day before the competition. Just like what Steve Jobs said,  If you want to outperform your presentation, you have you keep on practicing over and over again!
We gained a lot from this competition. The champion award is great recognition for us, for our brand, and our business model. 
The competition also provided us a lot of chances to connect with the investors and other participants. We exchanged our idea, communicated and shared the information. This is really a good platform for us to improve our business and exposure.
This is just a beginning. There is a long way to go into startup life. We will keep it up
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