How does Autobot help F&B?
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How does Autobot help F&B?

Challenges are rising over the food and beverages industries, where business owners find it hard in balancing between sustaining the supply chain and pleasing the customers at the same time. More problems are constantly being added to the list due to the proliferation of this type of industry. Today we are going to take a look at a few major problems that F&B business owners face.

Problem: The public are not aware of newly-launched products
F&B industry is closely associated with constant product innovation, such as the ways to stir up new ideas to make new mouth-watering food and how to widely promote them so that people will be aware of them and get attracted to dine-in. Many business owners tend to put up attractive posters within their stores and via social media, but are they really effective?
Solution: Promoting it in a modern way such as through your store’s official Facebook page is effective. To add as a bonus, you may want to consider Autobot to help you store customer data, which will come in handy when you use SMS / Email Broadcast to notify all of them at once about your latest updates.

Problem: Lacks customer loyalty
In today’s trend, we observe that people’s taste for food are ever-changing in the sense that they won’t have a fixed preference on what’s going inside their mouth, especially among the Foodies. Majority of your customers will only visit you once, with no guarantee that he or she would come back again…
Solution: You can’t fix your customers’ preference, but you can always get your customers engaged to your services! In Autobot, we have Lucky on The Spot which helps you to store their data by giving them the excitement and opportunity to win prizes of your choice. This will ensure frequent revisits in the future and convert them into long-term customers.

Problem: Difficulty in sustaining competitive advantage
F&B industry usually revolves around product capacity, reliability and customer service. Many business owners only wish to expand their customer pool and think that it is the only way to create a competitive gap against other businesses? Does more customers mean more profit? Not entirely true.
Solution: Maintain the existing customer pool while simultaneously having new customers to visit. The mechanism is more or less the same as mentioned in the previous customer loyalty issue.

All in all, we believe that although expanding your customer pool serves as an interest for many business owners, retaining the ones you have should be prioritized first as they are the main factor that brings repeating profit to any businesses. If you’re interested to delve into driving more profitable action from your customers, do contact us. Our experts are ready to serve you!