5 Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Website
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5 Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Website

Creating A Blog

First of all, you don’t need much followers or big enterprises to start blogging. In this digital era, blogging or can be known as content marketing has become one of the most effective ways to penetrate the market and deliver your information to the audience. It doesn’t matter which industries you are from as companies all over the world have started to launch their own blogs to provide the audience with right information and valuable content.

However, it is not as simple as you think to craft a blog post. When brainstorming ideas and content, you should consider the lifestyle of your audience and stand from their perspective and think about what they will benefit from the blogs and how it will change their lifestyle. You have to ensure that once visitors get to the blog, they will learn something from your business and this strategy will make them your potential customers.

Use SEMrush to brainstorm ideas.

Social Media

One of the most important marketing tools for promoting your ecommerce website is getting noticed and awareness from the public. However, with the power of social media, it can spread all over the world within a minute ! There are billions of people around the globe who are currently using social media as their part of life so this will be a huge asset in establishing your online presence as the potential is limitless.

Starting an online platform is about consistency. You do have much option to choose when it comes to promoting your ecommerce website strategy. Start by posting regularly about information about your ecommerce websites or business which could ultimately bring awareness and attract your target audience. If you think posting can be a waste of time, you may start with creating social media campaigns like Facebook’s advertising to reach more audiences with a single post.

Bear in mind that social media platforms are a good way to start your promotional campaign, however, posting too much information or focusing on many platforms at once will bring more harm than good. So, a recommendation is to first focus on a single platform and then try to find a balance when it comes to social media marketing.

Provide Free Samples

Let’s say you have just started your ecommerce website and no one knows what you do. The best way to promote your business is by giving free trials and samples. A free trial means to let customers know what you are selling or offering and let the audience do the quality check of your product or service.

Many businesses ignore this strategy as they believe this strategy is not suitable for a startup business. But it can be very effective when you want to know how great your products are and asking for feedback from the audience. Providing a free sample would build up relationships with you and your customers and boost up confidence from your customers to your products. If what you offer are truly benefits to your audience, it would eventually spread through the word of mouth and there’s where you get more leads and attention.

Email Marketing

Email marketing could be categorised as one of the most common ways to interact with your audience but it is important to keep track with your customer and keep them updated about your ecommerce websites or business. Email marketing can be fully utilised by adding attractive design images or animation as consumers are known to open their emails frequently. Consumers who are likely to sign up with any of your newsletter campaigns or willing to give their email address to you are the one whole will  engage with your business if there’s any discount or offers which serve their wants.

For example, visitors who viewed your product or service on your ecommerce website but never made their purchase but leave down their email address are the ones who are likely to engage with you again if there are any promotions or discounts ongoing at your ecommerce website. Email marketing could also be used for building relationships between you and your customer. Your marketing campaign could serve as as an awareness purpose which would remind customers the existence of  you business or ecommerce website

SEO Strategy

SEO strategy or could be known as search engine optimization is a must when you are in the process of marketing your website or business. Once the keywords are being identified and included in your ecommerce website’s title or description, you may be able to measure your website’s performance using SEO tools such as Google Analytics. Let’s put it in a simple way, the more optimized your website is, the better chances your website will get to the higher rank in Google which means there will be easier for the audience to search for your website which ultimately brings more traffic to it.

SEO is the best way to bring success to your ecommerce website. Unfortunately it may need more time and patience to get it done as it will take some time to see the result.  Another element to consider when optimising SEO is loading speed from your website. Although SEO is about finding the right keywords or backlink, it also takes into consideration how well your website performs. Simply says an ecommerce website which has too many complex large files images or animation which takes much time to load will simply fail to rank as well