How does Autobot help event activities?
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How does Autobot help event activities?

Business events are held to observe certain occasions. Whether it’s to celebrate its first launch, or to commemorate anniversaries. However, although every event may end up with great success, there are still some hidden aspects that any event planners might have overlooked. Today we would like to highlight on a few issues and propose to resolve them via our proud Autobot CRM system.

Problem: Lose contact with attendees after the event

You might get to see a satisfying numbers of people attending your event after your hard work in promoting your event via many different channels. But have you thought about what to do next after your event comes to an end? You may lack the resources to do follow-up, leading to no ways to keep in touch and turn them into potential customers.

Solution: With Autobot, you can now set up event campaigns and let your guests fill up their information. The data are then automatically saved in the contact group of your choice, and can be further used to keep them in touch via relationship campaigns! Keep in mind that if nothing is to be done after the event, then we can easily conclude that the event is purposeless.

wall clock and dollars, concept of time is money

Problem: High expenses to conduct the event

How much does a typical event cost? There is no definite answer, but the amount is surely to be big. The costs may range from event planning, advertising, paperwork, facilities, and even preparing refreshments for the guests. The money you spend could turn out to be high, and you might even end up with less sales and sometimes, just enough to cover the costs.

Solution: In every way possible, track your expenses regularly. Apart from this, Autobot would like to help you reduce unnecessary spending too! In terms of your advertising effort (needing to put up billboards) and paperwork (perhaps you might want to do guest registration), it all can be electronic and paperless. Autobot also offers e-tickets which is convenient to your attendees as in contrast to paper tickets, it resides within the electronic database to ease seating assurances.

Problem: Time-wasting procedures

We mentioned about paperwork that seemed unnecessary in today’s era. Despite the fact that it costs you extra spending, your precious time is also tied along in this situation. Your time will be spent on miscellaneous printing process and other event inventory controls. Even after acquiring these physical resources, you still need to promote your event to ensure attendance so that these time and resources spent will not be a waste.

Solution: By creating event campaigns, you no longer need to manually key in the guests data. Your guests will get to insert their details by themselves prior to confirming their attendance. Not only that this would save your time, it also gives you an opportunity to focus on other aspects of the profitable work.

Final words: In short, we fully believe event activities can only achieve true success when we max out the efficiency by eliminating the unnecessary work processes prior to the event. We sincerely invite you to join us with Autobot to make your event management at its finest!