Traditional vs Modern lucky draw: A brief comparison
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Traditional vs Modern lucky draw: A brief comparison

How do businesses have their lucky draws being held before the rise of digital era? In the early days, almost all the businesses carried out their lucky draws using bits of rough resources. It’s even not surprising to us that some convenient stores are still using paper-and-box style to conduct their lucky draw contests. However, to promote services abroad to a higher efficiency, we recommend using a new modern approach in the welcoming of digital era. This article hopes to bring out its benefits by comparing the two.

1. Traditional lucky draw uses more resources

Traditional lucky draws usually involve physical involvement from the participants, in which they bury their hands in a sea of lucky draw lots inside a ‘Mystery Box’. This is rather exciting, but it eats up a lot of resources from the organizer’s party. Tons of papers, cardboards, boxes…… whatever you can think of, it’s a potential waste of materials. Plus, it’s rather a one-time usage. You do not know when is the next time you could use a lucky draw again, and you got to use another round of materials to make that again.

In contrast, a digital lucky draw is ready-made to produce the same punch of excitement to your customers. It’s more cost-savvy and you can conveniently use it over and over again without having to waste extra money each time. It’s also more environment-friendly at the same time as you only need one single device.

2. Traditional lucky draw costs you more time

Simply said, the ‘Mystery Box’ doesn’t just come out of nowhere. You need to assemble all the materials together to make it work. And extra work is needed if you want it appealing. And it HAS to be appealing to empower your customers’ excitement. So, how much time you’ll need to get it finish? How much manpower do you require? And just exactly how much time you need to waste when it can be used and concentrated on other important things associated with your business? Think about it.

With digital lucky draw, since it has the system being ready-made, you just have to configure and put up your prize details and let the interactive features do the work. It has become much easier to set up. Lucky draw management is now much convenient than you think.

3. Digital lucky draw offers opportunity in retaining customer base

How do the stores usually carry out their lucky draws with the old-fashioned approach? Give the visiting customers the exciting chance, and is that all about it? It all stops there and you don’t get the chance to figure out ways to make them coming back again. With digital lucky draws, there are many opportunities beyond this point. You will be able to generate a customer database by asking them to leave their details prior to their participation. You can then retain and export them very easily, and use it to your business advantage, such as feeding them with your future deals and promotions to add more probability for them returning to you.

The rise of the digital era arrives for some reason. We should utilize it optimally to better serve for our benefits in dealing with cost effectiveness in our business. To get started, if you ever have any questions about bringing your lucky draw to a whole new level, you can always keep in touch with our Autobot experts to assist you! 🙂