Introducing new feature: Lucky on the Spot
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Introducing new feature: Lucky on the Spot

Many businesses in the world today use lucky draw as a major strategy to attract customers’ attention. However, the entire process can be very slow and mundane due to its complicated procedures dealing with prize-winning rates. So today we are launching our brand new feature – Lucky on the Spot to ease your lucky draw convenience, improve your overall experience with customers, and even create enhanced excitement to your customers! Here’s how:

  • Set any prize – at any time, any day, and any where!
  • Normal Draw: Set different winning chances for different prizes to create better “WOW” effect!
  • Special Draw: Allows you to set a winning prize under special circumstances! (e.g. Winning prize for the 1st… 100th… visiting customer!)
  • Set multiple prizes for the winner.
  • Set special conditions for prize-winning, i.e. the same person cannot win a prize more than once in certain amount of days.