Introducing new feature: Email tracking
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Introducing new feature: Email tracking

Autobot allows you to perform email sending to your targeted customer base. You can do birthday greetings and holiday promotion to your customers. Not only this, our email broadcast feature comes with every user-friendly tools for you to upload your newsletter and send it. The email being sent will track status as follows:

  • Abuse report – if the recipient marks your email as report / spam
  • Clicked – when your recipients clicked on a link in your email
  • Delivered – when your email has been delivered to recipients
  • Error – if the email intended to send has failed to deliver
  • Opened – when people open your email
  • Queued – when emails cannot be sent due to temporary error
  • Sent – when your email has been sent to recipients
  • Unsubscribed – when people do not want to receive emails from you anymore

With the above features, this could be a very awesome tool for your marketing to transform your business! As a marketer, not only you need to do the sending and broadcast, you need to be able to read your statistics and track the results for marketing activities improvement.