5 Steps To Promote Your Ecommerce Business in social media
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5 Steps To Promote Your Ecommerce Business in social media

Every business, whether online or offline, is leveraging social media to boost its revenue and position itself in the minds of its potential customers. So if you have an online store built by a solid web design company in Malaysia and you now want it to become a sales-machine, you need to work on your social media marketing game. In this comprehensive guide, we will tell you everything you need to do just that, so let’s start:

1. Building Store and Finding Platform:

Before diving into the social media promotion part, it is imperative that you have your online store built in a user-friendly and conversion-focused way. Plus, 40% of customers abandon a website that loads in more than 2 seconds (Kissmertics). So it should also be both speed and mobile-optimized for a greater browsing experience that ultimately leads to more sales. Find a company offering an eCommerce website package in Malaysia for this.

Once it’s done, you need to move towards social media. However, you need to be careful in selecting your platform. Your type of audience should resonate with the platform you are going for. If you are targeting youth, start from Instagram and Snapchat. If professionals, then go for LinkedIn and Twitter and if a mix of age groups and occupations, then Facebook.

2. Come in Front of People:

After having your eCommerce store developed by a professional web design company in Malaysia and creating a profile on a relevant social media platform, you need to come in front of people. For this, come up with some sort of discounts or customer enticing offers for your products. Don’t take discounting lightly; 95 % of the shoppers can shop from a new retailer if given a discount. (DigitalCommerce)

So create beautiful pictures or videos announcing your discounted offers and post them on your social media profile. Once done, you need to get those posts in front of people, and for that, run ads. Either hire a social media marketing agency or do it yourself, but get in front of people. Not only will it increase your sales, but your profile will start to build an audience.

3. Use Influencer Marketing:

According to a report provided by Influencer Marketing Hub, 92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing. Remember, it is extremely important that you promote your product(s) through the influencers that are related to your niche; for instance, someone selling kitchen products needs to hire chefs or food influencers.

This way, not only you see an increase in your sales, your audience will start to grow even further, and you will start to position your brand in people’s minds.

4. Run Contests:

Once you have a sufficient number of people interacting on your posts, you can move towards contests to further increase your audience as well as your sales. The first step to running contests is to build some excitement among your followers. Roll out posts hinting the competition and the expected prizes. Then once you see people have started engaging with the posts, that’s the time for the proper announcement so that most of your followers already know about it and are ready to partake.

Make the rules simple, ask people to invite their friends or share your page, take a screenshot of that shared post, and upload it in the comment section. Then you can hold a lucky draw for the names of people who participated and have 2-3 winners. This way, hundreds of people will be sharing your page, and you can expect hundreds of more followers in a few days.

5. Promote User-Generated Content:

You should have over a thousand(s) of active followers by now. This is the most interesting part because now you can indirectly ask your followers to be your marketers. You will ask your followers to share their pictures and videos while using your product and get a chance to be shared on your profile. You can also offer some incentives at the start to encourage people to share their own content with your product(s).

According to Crowdriff; 84 percent of millennials are influenced by user-generated content, which shows how powerful it is. You can run ads of these posts as well and push your followers and, of course, revenue.

Parting words:

Social media has a lot of potential if you utilize it the right way. Once your profile starts to take off, you can expect a good chunk of traffic coming in on your store just through social media. However, it is crucial that you get professional web design services in Malaysia to provide your visitors with excellent user experience.

That’s because even if you send people from social media or search engines, a website without a smooth interface will result in abandonments.