5 Must-Have Elements for a Successful Ecommerce Website
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5 Must-Have Elements for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Every online business wants to eat from the big pie consisting of online buyers. However, only a few of them properly fill their bellies, ever wonder why? Well, that’s because they make their website conversion-focused. And when it comes to making your online store fully optimized for conversions, there are five crucial elements you need to keep in mind. This guide will go in great detail to talk about them, so if you want to make your website a goldmine too, keep reading until the end:

1. User-Friendliness:

According to studies, 76% of buyers say that a website’s most important characteristic is ease-of-use. Therefore to have a super successful eCommerce store, you need to make it simple, easy-to-navigate, and fast. Your main objective is to provide your visitors with a smooth flow leading them to wherever they want to go instead of making it difficult to find things in your store.

Therefore, you should hire a professional website and software company in Malaysia. Companies like Maple Creation can design a website’s UI (user interface) and UX (user-experience) from scratch with well-defined category and product pages as well as well-optimized visuals for easy navigation and fast loading speed.

2. A Search Bar

This might feel like an obvious thing, but it’s not to be taken lightly because 72% of the websites fail visitor’s search box expectations (BigCommerce). Most of the people landing on your website will search for some other products as well, which is good for you because your sales will increase. However, if there is no reliable search engine software backing it, the results won’t be very accurate.

Professional website and software development Malaysia companies can provide you with the most authentic and cutting-edge search function. They can enrich it with features like advanced filters and related suggestions so your users can easily find what they need.

3. Mobile and SEO Optimization:

Do you know that mobile devices account for 65% of all eCommerce traffic? (TheDrum). So it is only logical for your website to be optimized for mobile devices. There is a difference in how sites appear on big screens of PC and the small mobile screens, and if they are not properly adjusted for the smaller screens, the site will either appear cropped from the sides, or it might lag A LOT!

Both of these things will discourage your customers, and you can potentially lose a big chunk of sales. Plus, 93% of the web traffic is originated from search engines (SearchEnginePeople), which means your website needs to be SEO friendly as well. Things like fast loading speed to proper sitemap structure, you need to get everything correct for search engines to like your store.

A professional company offering web system development in Malaysia can help you have a robust online platform that will be optimized for both mobile devices and search engines.

4. Product Images and Copies:

When it comes to purchasing something, 75% of customers rely on photos to make a purchase decision. This means if your product page has cropped, blurry or pixelated photos, people will not find it very appealing and professional, which will be a major turn-off for them. Also, the product page should have a compelling copy providing its overview and clearly outlining its features in bullets to persuade people to hit that add-to-cart button.

Both of these factors can either make or break the deal, so you need to make sure your product page is rich in professionally captured and 3d rendered images along with an informative copy in a conversational tone.

5. Testimonials from Users:

This is the most overlooked part, and many online stores don’t even care about it. However, user-generated reviews play a crucial role in convincing your potential buyers to make a purchase. As stated by G2; 95% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. So now you see how much money you will be leaving on the table if there are no real, user-generated reviews on your site.

So embed a review section on every product page and send follow up emails to your buyers asking them to leave a review. This will help you have more authority and credibility in the eyes of your potential customers, which can lead to higher sales.

Parting Words:

There are many factors that you need to consider adding in your online store to make it a conversion-focused money-making machine, and your web and software company in Malaysia can help you with that. However, the ones we mentioned above are the most important elements that you simply cannot ignore.

This is because your website needs to meet certain standards to appear professional and credible. So if you don’t take care of these factors, you might be leaving a lot of potential sales on the table.