5 Reasons Why B2B Businesses Should Expand to Ecommerce
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5 Reasons Why B2B Businesses Should Expand to Ecommerce

Are you wondering whether you should get website design services Malaysia? Maybe you believe that B2B business is not worth expanding to the internet? Well, let us change your mind. There is a HUGE scope for B2B business on the online world or else Alibaba would’ve not existed today. We will give you the top 5 reasons to have an ecommerce store of your B2B business so that you can easily make a practical decision. That being said, let’s start:

It’ll Simplify Things for Your Customers:

The whole process of contacting the customer support department, asking for inventory then waiting for conformation and then booking the order can be time consuming for businesses. Then once the order is confirmed, they need to keep checking in with the customer support to find out the progress of their order, which also takes time.

Going digital and having an ecommerce store to sell to your repeated B2B customers means streamlining the whole process. They can just put in the number of units of product they need, make payments and start the order. Plus, they will be able to see order progress on the website which will eliminate the need to contact your customer support over and over. Doing this can also help you charge more from customers because according to SalesForce; 74% B2B customers can pay more for a great shopping experience.

You Can Sell to Both B2B and B2C:

One of the best parts of going digital with your business is that the whole world is your customer. You don’t necessarily need to limit your business to selling to other businesses only. You can get a complete ecommerce website package Malaysia where your online store will be set up with both kind of prices; for single pieces and for bulk orders. So your B2B customers can order in bulk and get lower prices while the B2C people will get standard market price for ordering single pieces.

This way, you can increase your customer base and literally gather money from both hands. Many B2B businesses are following this approach and you can too.

Edge Over Competitors:

Having your own ecommerce store will give you an edge over the competitors who are not online. They are limited to a single geographical area with limited customers. However, going online means you will have a bigger market share to capture than your competitors. They will just be selling to people they are connected with offline while you can have the piece of a bigger pie; the B2B ecommerce market which was valued at $12.2 trillion in 2019 (Statista).

Furthermore, you can integrate an email marketing system in your ecommerce store to capture the emails of your customers and keep them notifying with new products and offers. This free form of marketing will bring in extra sales; more than you can think of, while your competitors will be busy calling people on their phones.

You Start Gathering Data:

Do you know that everything, and I mean everything on the internet leaves traces? Even if you are searching something in incognito mode, it will still leave traces that can be tracked. So why not use this kind of technology for our benefit? You can trace every move of the people who visit your website using heatmaps, and then you can better optimize your website to sell more.

For instance, if you see people clicking on Add to Cart but not making the purchase, then it means there is something wrong on the purchase page, you can find out that problem and fix it. Furthermore, you can use different tools to find out what your customers like and what doesn’t and create a well-planned marketing strategy based on it. It will better appeal to your customers and increase your sales.

You Can Leverage Digital Marketing:

One of the top benefits of starting an online store is that you can leverage digital marketing to get ahead even those who are also selling online and are your direct competitors. Whether they have started before you or with you, you can invest in digital marketing to get your product out there and capture a major share of the market.

Do you know that 89% of the B2B customers use internet to find products during their B2B research? (Google). Well if you were to get in front of them, you will obviously capture both online as well as offline B2B customers. Since social media platforms have data of all of their users including their preferences, likes and dislikes and virtually everyone is on social media, you can target people on the individual level.

Using advanced marketing features like interest and behavior based targeting, you can show your products precisely to the people who want them. This will increase your sales multiple folds.