Guide to Ecommerce Website Development
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Guide to Ecommerce Website Development

What is eCommerce website development? 

Unlike other websites, an eCommerce website is a platform where you can buy and sell different materials, digital materials, or online services. The development of an eCommerce website indicates the advanced strategies that the site owners apply for improving the site. Once an eCommerce website becomes successful, the owners make vivid plans to increase the website’s circulation. Let’s have a look at what the developmental program of an Ecommerce website includes-

• Selecting the best eCommerce solutions turns an eCommerce website into a multi-functional and integrated online store.

• Designing a user-friendly interface for an eCommerce website is mandatory to get more reach.

• Adding new features and tools to the eCommerce platform is one of the major developmental programs. This can be very crucial for beating your competitor sites.

• Emphasizing the promotional aspects of an eCommerce platform should be the priority of the owners. The success of the eCommerce site depends upon the promotional programs up to some extent.

• The owners keep analyzing and evaluating the performance of an eCommerce website to assess the scopes of betterment.

All these factors are very significant in terms of the development of an eCommerce website. If you own an eCommerce website, you must keep these factors in check. Most of the web development Malaysia companies offer these services to their clients.

How to get sellers for an eCommerce website? 

Grabbing the attention of the sellers is the factor that determines how successful your eCommerce site will be. Here we are going to mention some efficient ways to get sellers for your Ecommerce website.

• Utilize social media platforms for reaching sellers. Social media groups, communities, and forums will definitely be helpful for you in terms of getting sellers.

• You should take a membership in the local merchant associations to circulate your Ecommerce website. Proper circulation will help you in getting an increased number of sellers.

• Attend trade fairs and promote your eCommerce platform in those fairs as you can come across potential sellers in this way.

• Take the help of online business listings to reach global sellers and let your eCommerce platform grow on a larger scale.

How to promote your eCommerce website for free? 

As mentioned before, promotion plays a significant role in the success of your eCommerce platforms. Let’s find out the best free ways to promote your website.

• Social media naturally comes at the top of this list. You should utilize your social media reach and promote your website in the best way. Social media platforms like- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram are the best platforms to promote your website. Besides your existing followers, new people might also get interested in your services. That’s why you must get the most from the social media platforms in terms of promoting your eCommerce site.

• Target advertising can be a decent choice for making the promotion of your website.

• The reviews and ratings on your website play an essential role in the promotion of your website. Try to ensure that your website doesn’t contain a lot of negative reviews and ratings.

• You should get involved in strategic partnerships with other brands or websites to build up your audience. This is an effective way to promote your eCommerce website.

What is the best platform to build an eCommerce website? 

There are several big names in the industry when it comes to eCommerce website builders. As per features, costs, and other services, we are mentioning some of the best eCommerce website builders.


There’s no website owner who is not familiar with this name. WIX is one of the leading website builders of current times. With many attractive customization features and lower price ranges, we rate WIX as the top eCommerce website builder.


Besides WIX, Shopify is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce website builders that offer high-quality services on low budgets. The variety of designs and consistent website-maintenance of Shopify have made it the favorite of many website owners.


Though Zyro is way behind in competition with WIX or Shopify, the platform is getting improved day by day. If the budget is your point of concern, you can build your website using the friendly platform of Zyro. Anyway, you won’t have any complaints regarding the service of this website building platform.

These are the top three choices among all the website builders. If you’re looking for a website company in Penang, these can be ideal choices for you. You should choose a suitable website builder that fulfills your requirements.

How much does an eCommerce website cost? 

The cost of building an eCommerce website depends upon the size and type of website you’re building. You can create the design of a small Ecommerce website within a thousand dollars. On the other side, the creation of a large eCommerce website can cost you up to eighty thousand dollars. The overall cost of creating an eCommerce website varies from five thousand dollars to two lakh dollars depending upon the size, type and features of the website.

How to build a custom eCommerce website? 

• First of all, you are supposed to determine what products you would sell before you build an eCommerce website.

• Selecting the right business model is essential in this case. There are several business models that different eCommerce platforms adopt. You have to select the right business model with the help of a good eCommerce solution company.

• You have to buy a domain before your launch your eCommerce website. Without having a dedicated server and domain name, you can’t launch an eCommerce website.

• After that, you have to create a design of the website that seems catchy and attractive to the buyers.

• Setting up your payment gateway is a vital step that you can’t overlook. Set up a safe and secure payment gateway that doesn’t fail frequently.

• You have to hire professional shipping partners or companies who will deliver the products to the customers.

These are all the steps to build a customized eCommerce website. You must proceed step by step so that you don’t overlook any aspect of your website.