How Can Chatbot Marketing Improve Your Business After COVID-19?
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How Can Chatbot Marketing Improve Your Business After COVID-19?

Let’s say you have worked with the best web design company Malaysia and your website is pretty professional and sleek. But do you think you have the resources to handle all the traffic that will be coming to your site? I believe not, right? Well, that’s when a chatbot will help you.

The company offering you web design services Malaysia may offer chatbot creation services as well, be sure to ask them about it. That being said, there are some key benefits of having a chatbot on your website, let’s discuss them below:

Benefits of Chatbot Marketing:

24/7 Customer Support:

Due to the pandemic, people will continue working from home even after it has passed because the effects of this pandemic will be imprinted on their minds for a very long time. And due to these flexible working schedules, consumer shopping habits will change.

So if people are working in the evening and shopping at night, then that means you need to have robust customer support in place to cater to their queries in the middle of the night.

However, hiring people to sit all night can be very costly, especially if you are a new business or a small one. So to deal with this, you can program a chatbot to provide all the necessary information to your potential customers and lead them to the next stages of your sales funnel.

Instant Replies:

The consumer of today is impatient, and that’s mainly because people are leading fast-paced lifestyles. This doesn’t allow them the liberty to have spare time and wait in queue for the customer support agent to get free and talk to them. However, you can setup up a bot that will instantly reply to them and cater to their needs.

The bot will pick up on specific words that you think customers in your industry will likely ask the most, and you can embed their keywords on the backend of the bot. So whenever someone asks something, the bot will pick up the keyword from the question and provide the answer.

Even if the question is complicated, the bot can provide a close matching answer, which will buy your support team some time to get back to the customer and not lose the lead.

Segmentation of Traffic:

People are already spending their time indoors, and this will continue even after the pandemic. So most of the purchasing will be done via the Internet. This means you can expect a lot more consumers in your store than usual. You need to have a chatbot on your marketing team that will segment the audience according to their conversations.

For example, if a consumer is just looking for some information about a product, they can ask that to the chatbot, which will provide them with information on the spot. And if someone is willing to make a purchase, the chatbot can provide them with the purchase button as well.

This will free up a lot of the time of your marketing team, and they will only receive refined customers who are really interested in talking to them about a specific product.

Nurturing the Leads:

Chatbots are an important part of any lead nurturing strategy. This is because you can program them to pop up whenever a customer visits the website, greet them, and show readiness to provide answers to their questions.

This makes the visitor feel valued and can be a point where he/she starts interacting with the bot and eventually convert into a quality lead. Having a bot on your website ensures no lead is left unattended.

Brand Reputation:

Your bot doesn’t have to have a robotic feel to it. You can program it to talk and feel like a real human being. Add some humor and use some emojis to give it a personality.

This ability to interact in a fun way, coupled with 24/7 availability, will only lift the image of your brand and impress potential customers.

Some Practical Chatbot Marketing Tips:

Even if you have received the best eCommerce website package in Malaysia, to cater to the needs of the potential buyers, you need a bot on your side besides having a well-designed store. So here are some crucial points to keep in mind:

  • Get the Info: When you are designing a chatbot, embed a column asking for contact information. If a client fills this form, your team can personally reach out to them later on.
  • Personalize it: As mentioned above, give your bot a human feel. Add a male/female picture, give a name to the bot, and make it fun to talk to.
  • Test Thoroughly: Before placing the bot on your website, test it. Ask your family members, loyal customers, friends, and colleagues to interact with it and provide you with feedback.
  • Place Smartly: Chatbots should be placed on pages where there is not much to read like services pages, home pages, or contact pages. Don’t place it where your visitors can get distracted from the content like the blog, landing page, or about page.

Lastly, be sure to let your website visitors know about the bot by including information about in your social media posts and emails.