How to Find the Top eCommerce Marketing Agency?
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How to Find the Top eCommerce Marketing Agency?

Have you recently got your store built and now looking to promote it? Maybe you have come across a company offering full eCommerce website package Malaysia including digital marketing, and you want to evaluate them?

Well, don’t fret; we have mentioned 5 important things you need to keep in mind when dealing with eCommerce marketing agency to get a bang for your buck.

Just make sure to thoroughly read this guide, understand the things you need to look for in a professional company, and then set out to find one.

5 Things to Look for When Getting eCommerce Marketing Services:

1) Experience of eCommerce Marketing Agency:

Firstly, you need to look at the experience of the eCommerce agency. You need to see if they have any renowned clients or if the work they have done has some quality to it or not. Let’s say you search the best ‘eCommerce agency in your area’ on Google, and you receive tons of search results. Now how will you decide which type of e-commerce agency is the best?

You will navigate to the websites of different agencies and check their clients’ list and portfolio area. Most of the agencies will have a portfolio page, and you can find the list of their clients there as well. Browse through the page, and check the result that they have gotten to their clients. Add the agencies with great results to your list of potential eCommerce marketing agencies.

2) Understanding Your Needs:

A professional eCommerce marketing agency will always listen to your needs before pitching their services. They don’t know what your goals are, so if they are pitching before listening to you, they might not be the right candidate. So have a little chat with them, let them know what it is that you are looking for.

Ask them how they can help you and make you understand the process in layman’s terms. If they are cooperating with you and you can easily understand their approach, then further shortlist them.

3) Working With Your Budget:

When you are marketing your online store, you will have to allocate a sufficient amount of budget just for this purpose. There will be a cost for marketing via Ads, and you will also have to pay some amount to eCommerce agency for its service. So the cost of your ads and the fee of the marketing agency should come under your budget.

If you have a specific figure in front of you, you can better negotiate with the potential eCommerce digital Agencies that you have shortlisted. Some of them will even have a budget calculator on their website that you can use to estimate the cost of the project you want them to work on.

Once you have a specific number in front of you, talk to the agencies, tell them about your budget, and then negotiate with them. They might not agree with your specific budget if it’s too low, but you should be able to reduce the cost a little bit. This way, you will also find out how cooperative the company is.

4) Rate of Customer Satisfaction:

Now you will have a few companies remaining in your list of potential eCommerce marketing agencies. To further shortlist them, check out their reputation online. Go to their Google Listing page and see what people have to say about them. Also, visit their social media page and check reviews.

These reviews are from the people who have purchased their services, and by reading them, you can gauge the level of the agency’s service.

Tip: visit freelancing platforms like, Upwork, and Fiverr, search the name of the company there and you might come across their profile on any of these platforms. Check their buyers’ reviews there too.

5) Creative Branding:

You might have 2-3 marketing agencies left on your list by now. So what you need is to ask them what they will do differently to increase your brand’s appeal? What kind of visuals will they use? What about the copywriting for ads? Will they use catchy taglines? How will they segment and target your audience?

Ask all of these things, and try to understand their plan of action. The agency that satisfies you with the best approach should be the one you work with.

Over to You:

Once you have the store ready with the help of web design company Malaysia, you should find it easier to work with a marketing agency as you will already have some experience working with a 3rd party. Some companies offer web design services in Malaysia, as well as eCommerce marketing.

It is better if you work with them as they will have a better idea about your store, your brand, and its goals from day one.