Introducing new feature: Lucky on the Spot

Many businesses in the world today use lucky draw as a major strategy to attract customers’ attention. However, the entire process can be very slow and mundane due to its complicated procedures dealing with prize-winning rates. So today we are launching our brand new feature – Lucky on the Spot to ease your lucky draw convenience, […]

1 min read

Does your business really need an APP?

Many business today wish to have good marketing tools to grow their business, notably in terms of maintaining their customers flow and loyalty. In order to achieve such success in customer retention over the long run, some small businesses tend to join other membership systems, which is predominantly representative by membership loyalty apps. If you […]

4 mins read

Contact Form 2.0

A standard website enquiry form act as a paper that allow your customer to write in the enquiry to you. You will then handle the enquiry manually through the email. Out of 100 enquires that you receive, maybe less than 20% of the enquiry will give you a business. Many businesses are trying hard to […]

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Property Management System

What is PMS? A property management system (PMS) is a software application for the property agency to manage their property listing and owner’s information. The Solution with Property Management System  Property management systems (PMS), also known as property listing system or property agency system are becoming increasingly popular, and agency should consider many useful features […]

5 mins read

What CRM software is best for start ups or small business?

What is the best CRM software for startups or small businesses? The best CRM software – Are you having some trouble keeping the record and tracking your customer details for building a longer relationship? Well, a customer relationship management (CRM) software is for you that you can bring in your use.  With customer relationship management […]

8 mins read