The Importance of Website Maintenance
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The Importance of Website Maintenance

Are you on the crossroads where you don’t know whether you should regularly maintain your website or just do it after a few years? This is a question asked by many. And we even help people understand the importance of regular website maintenance via our email marketing system, but still, those who are new to our website can benefit from this guide. Just read it till the end to find out why you need to get regular maintenance of your website.

Security Improvement:

One thing that hackers do the most is they look at the websites that have vulnerabilities and security gaps so they can exploit them. And the websites that have most of these security gaps are usually the ones that are not updated or properly maintained. Every year, advanced technology comes into the market, which is why hackers also get better equipment to penetrate into a website. So unless a site has an improved mechanism to deal with the latest hacking techniques, it will get compromised.

So regularly maintaining your website means you can equip it with the latest plugins and tools that can fail the attacks of the hackers. Furthermore, the web design services Malaysia that you use for your website maintenance will also install the latest security patches. These will remove any threat or infections already presented on your website.

They will also implement several strategies that will secure your passwords, remove outdated applications that can easily be hacked, and also ensure timely backup of your website, so in case of any problem later on; your website data will not be lost.

Delivers Excellent User Experience:

Fixing any big or small issues that you may come across on a daily basis and then maintaining your website’s visual appeal will ultimately deliver an excellent experience to the people visiting it.

If the browsing and navigation experience will be smooth and bug-free, your website visitors, especially the ones using it from mobile phones, will have a better time going through it. This will only keep them on your website longer and increase the chances of them buying something.

According to WebFx; 89% of people start buying from competitors because of bad UX so if the browsing experience is poor, they will take their business somewhere else. You can lose up to 89% of online business this way.

Latest Technology Compatibility:

The Internet is the only thing in the world that evolves with up rapid speed and nothing can compete with it. A video can go viral overnight and reach people around the world or a hacker with the latest equipment and tools can hack hundreds of websites overnight and steal the data of their millions of users. The Internet is so unpredictable and so fast-paced that you need the help of the latest security tools to protect yourself.

However, besides the security factor, website maintenance also helps your website being compatible to other types of tools as well. For instance, you might be using a 5-year old version of CMS (content management system), and that means the latest tools that make mobile browsing smoother might not be compatible with your website.

So your website will not be living up to the full potential of mobile browsing while your competitors, who updated their websites, will be using such tools and getting more business than you.

Plus, mobile ecommerce share in global ecommerce is expected to reach 79% by 2021 (source). So an old website can potentially lose 3/4th of the business. Being up to date means you will be able to catch up with your competitors quickly and avoid losing your customers to them.

Search Engines Like Fresh Content:

In order to increase your rankings in search engines, you need to provide search engine crawlers with a neat and clean website structure called sitemap. This will help them quickly go through all the pages of your website on a regular basis. Furthermore, when you add new pages like blog posts, they will quickly be indexed by Google because of the clean site structure.

However, not regularly maintaining and updating your website will leave your site’s structure a complete mess. There will be several broken links, tons of glitches and unstructured sitemap. Google hates these things and instead of getting indexed and ranked quickly, you might end up getting penalized and see a drop in rankings.

Helps With Brand Image:

Ask yourself this; would you trust a website that looks like it was made in 2005 or a website that has a clean appearance and the latest UX and UI? The latter one of course, right?

Around 75% of the credibility of a website comes from the design it has (source). This means if it is poorly made, or has an outdated scheme, it won’t really click with the modern users, especially the millennials who shop online mostly.

Whether you get a simple website or ecommerce website package Malaysia, be sure to hire the developers for regular maintenance of your website. It will definitely benefit you in the long run.