Internship Program

The OPERION Internship Program is open to Malaysia's university and college students. This Internship Program aims to offer selected candidates an opportunity to improve their skills and the experience of working in a standard corporate environment. Interns generally find the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

To be eligible for the Internship Program, candidates must possess an undergraduate degree and should have completed their first year of studies. The internship program must be for a minimum of 3 months.

Throughout the internship programme. We will rate the internship student as below:

  • - Aggressive towards gaining experience and personal development.
  • - Accountability and being active towards a problem/issue.
  • - Constructive ideas/feedbacks for the company.

The program typically seeks candidates in the following fields:

  • Information System
  • Computer Science
  • Graphic Design
  • Business & Marketing Studies

We pay a monthly allowance to all interns. We also provide a budget for travel expenses, if applicable. Interns are responsible for their own living, accommodations, and food. BONUS is given to interns based on their outstanding performance.

Why Choose Internship at OPERION:

OPERION provides a great learning experience, a warm working environment, and additional benefits. You can enjoy the office as you work.

1. Refreshment

      Always get refreshed!

  1. Espression Coffee Maker
  2. Healthy Tea bag
  3. Unlimited Coca-cola, Pepsi, Soybean and Chrysanthemum tea

2. Comfort Zone of the War!

  1. Cozy environment
  2. Halloween outing
  3. Christmas party
  4. Steambath Facilities
  5. Hybrid Work Model
  6. Bean bag available

3. Bonus

      Motivations make Power!

  1. Internship CNY bonus
  2. Performance base bonus
  3. MacBook is provided (for permanent employee)

4. Gain Experiences

      Prepare yourself with skills!

  1. Secure your career after internship
  2. Learn the skill dealing with customers
  3. Collaborate with team member to do the project from A to Z
  4. Opportunity of 15 minutes golden hour leads you to be PRO

Becoming a part of Operion

1. Involving in variety of projects
Interns will be assigned with tasks related to their fields and participate in their execution.

2. Enhance problem-solving skills
Get experienced in overcoming the problems by testing the outcome of the projects and fixing the errors.

3. Always be guided
When facing problems with the assigned task, kindly demonstrate to your project coordinator for advice and assistance.

4. Improve your presentation skills
Knowledge-sharing practice sessions will be held to improve information conveying and presentation skills.


Benefits / Remuneration:

  • EPF, Socso, EIS and PCB.
  • Flexible working hour.
  • Flexible working space.
  • Technical and soft skills training.
  • Exposure to different knowledge.

Standard Requirements for all the positions above:

  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma.
  • Teamwork with all departments to help define opportunities in technology and business.
  • Undertake any duties assigned from time to time.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English.
  • Good communication and presentation skills.
  • Self-motivation, good organizational and time management skills
  • Leadership skills & team work.
  • Able to work with MINIMUM supervision & responsible.
  • Able to receive and address comments.
  • Good time management capability and willing to work long hours when required.

Outstanding Requirements:

  • Candidates in the same industry experience will be given preference.
  • Candidates having a CGPA of 3.6 will be given preference.
  • Candidates who are active in sports, arts and gaming will be given preference.

If you are interested in our internship programme, please send your complete resume to [email protected]