Online Invoice Software

Online Invoice/Quotation software Malaysia is a web-based application that helps businesses manage their invoicing, billing, and quotation processes electronically. It is designed to streamline the billing and quoting cycle, automate tasks, and provide efficient payment management. These software solutions offer features such as generating professional invoices and quotations, tracking payments, managing customer information, and handling billing-related tasks.

Why Online Invoice Software?







Online Invoice Software Features



  • Offers a quick overview of the newly added customer, current month quotation and current month invoice.
  • Provides real-time updates.
  • Presents data in visually appealing tables.

Customer Contact

  • Customers' names, contact information, billing addresses, and any necessary supplemental notes can all be stored and organised.
  • Information on suppliers, including names, phone numbers, payment policies, and any other pertinent notes, can be stored and organised.

Billing Quotation & Invoice

  • Allows you to make expert, customisable quotations or estimates.
  • Used to handle consumer requests for goods or services.
  • Create expert invoices with editable templates.
  • Ensure accurate accounting for invoice adjustments.
  • Make correct accounting for credit changes easier.
  • Guarantee prompt delivery.
  • Manage supplier orders.


  • Track the high-performing salespeople.
  • Determine which goods are the most profitable.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of products.
  • Track trends while evaluating overall sales.
  • Observe the cash flow.
  • Locate unpaid bills.
  • Analyse the age of the unpaid bills.
  • Transparent account statements for customers.
  • Observe user behaviour.


  • Create categories for items in system.
  • Increase the effectiveness of item administration.
  • Keep a comprehensive database of all your things.
  • Save specific details like the item's title, code, uom, cost price, and more.


  • Set up and configure invoicing parameters in accordance with your company's needs.
  • Make sure your billing procedures adhere to applicable laws and are in line with your unique needs.
  • Organise user accounts for billing-related activities.
  • Create and manage user accounts with various permissions and access levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is online billing software?

With the aid of an online platform that is accessible from any location with an internet connection, Online Billing Software Malaysia enables businesses to automate their billing procedures, including the creation and distribution of invoices, the tracking of payments, the management of customer accounts, and the generation of financial reports.

How does online billing software benefit my business?

Numerous advantages come with using online billing software, including easier invoicing procedures, quicker payment collections, more accuracy, less paperwork, better client data organisation, improved financial reporting, and increased productivity while handling billing-related chores.

Is online billing software secure?

Yes, trustworthy vendors of online billing software place a high priority on data security. To maintain the security and privacy of your company's and your customers' data, they adopt strong security measures including encryption, secure servers, user authentication, and regular backups.

Can I customize my invoices with online billing software?

Yes, the majority of online billing software enables invoice personalization to reflect your brand's identity. Invoice templates can often be customised to match your firm's branding by adding your company logo, selecting colours and fonts, adding personalised inscriptions, and more.

Can online billing software integrate with other business tools?

Numerous online billing software options provide interfaces with well-liked company tools like e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, accounting software, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Workflows are streamlined and data flow is frictionless because to integration.

How can online billing software help me track payments and manage overdue invoices?

Online billing software often has tools for monitoring payment progress, reminding clients to make payments, and producing reports on past-due invoices. These tools assist you in keeping an eye on unpaid invoices, following up with clients, and taking the necessary steps to achieve prompt collections.

Is online billing software scalable for growing businesses?

Yes, online billing software is made to expand with your company. It can handle an increase in the volume of data, transactions, and customers. To accommodate your changing demands, look for software that offers variable plans and pricing.

Can online billing software automate recurring billing?

Recurring billing is a typical component of online billing software, yes. By automating invoice production and payment processing, it enables you to set up automatic billing for subscriptions, memberships, or other recurring services, saving time and labour.

How user-friendly is online billing software?

Even for individuals without substantial technical understanding, online billing software is made to be simple to use and intuitive. With features like drag-and-drop invoice production, pre-built templates, and simple navigation, user interfaces are often simple and accessible to users of all skill levels.