SMS Blasting

Keep in touch with the client, giving them the feel of individual treatment via sms.

Why choose our SMS Blasting System!

SMS Marketing Is Affordable Price!

You can get your small business started by purchasing the credit from 500 to 1000 credits.

Unlimited character support

We support all characters except the 160 of Latin alphabets and 70 of non-Latin alphabets ( eg: Chinese) will be counted as 1 credit.

High return on investment

Keep in touch with your clients

Around 90% of peoples will read the message within an hour after receiving the message.

Flexible integration

Operion Mobile SMS system is flexible and easy to integrate with any online and offline system as well as Android and iOS apps.

Non-expiration SMS credit

SMS credit will never expired after you purchase our Mobile SMS system.

Mobile SMS Packages

Mobile SMS Packages   Sales!
Mobile SMS Packages  Sales!
5,000 credits
@ RM 500
10,000 credits
@ RM 900
20,000 credits
@ RM 1,600
50,000 credits
@ RM 3,500
100,000 credits
@ RM 6,000
200,000 credits
@ RM 10,000
(no expiry date)
(no expiry date)
(no expiry date)
(no expiry date)
(no expiry date)
(no expiry date)
SMS System Features
Unlimited Contacts Support
Import CSV (Auto Merge Duplicates)
Campaign Setup & Scheduling
Draft & Test Send
Notification Of Campaign Start/End
Contact Group Sending
Your Credits will Never Expired !
Automate Your Customer Service By A System
Auto Send Birthday Greeting
Support "Character Count" for English & Chinese SMS
Fault Number Reporting & Clean Up
Details Credit Transaction & Campaign Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of SMS gateway does Autobot uses?


We use shortcode SMS gateway which has higher delivery rate compared to longcode SMS gateway.

Can Autobot handle sending large amounts of SMS ?


Yes, we can handle up to 56,000 SMS sendings per day. However you can send a request to us to increase the daily sending quota.

Which telecommunications company does Autobot support ?


Autobot supports all telecommunications companies and GSM networks in Malaysia.

What is the cost of sending to Malaysia mobile number?


Malaysia phone number will cost 1 credit per SMS.

How much does it cost if I wish to send an SMS internationally ?


International sending cost is 2 credits per SMS.

Will my credit be deducted if I send an SMS to an invalid mobile number ?


Yes, if you sent a message to an invalid number, your credits will be deducted. The mobile number should comes with +6 country code (for example +60123339999). We are not responsible for any failed sent SMS caused by any telecommunication companies. However, if the SMS fails to reach any number, our system will try to resend the message up to 3 times without charging extra credits. It is recommended thay you clean up the phone database from time to time to remove any invalid or old phone numbers.

What if I keep on sending a lot of SMS to invalid numbers? It's not a fair to us as a customer.


The credit will be deducted once the SMS is sent. However, we provide an invalid SMS report for you to manage all the invalid number and do the clean up.

Do I have expiration date for my SMS credits?


No, Your SMS credits will never expired.

Does the SMS supports Chinese characters ?


Yes, we support Chinese (simplified/traditional) characters.

How many letters can I send in a SMS ?


For every 1 credit, you can send up to 140 letters and numbers in Latin alphabets or 60 characters in non-Latin alphabets (eg: Chinese, Japanese). If your message contains both Latin and non-Latin alphabets, you can send up to 60 characters/letters per credit.

Can I request to refund any remaining credits if I terminate my SMS system account ?


We do not refund any credits but you can use all of your remaining credits.

Will the recipients be guaranteed to receive their SMS ?


We do not guarantee 100% of success rate. However the shortcode gateway has an approximately 97% of delivery rate which is far more higher than a longcode SMS gateway.