Green Living
With the green movement happening these days, it's time not to be just green at home, but to be green at workspace as well. As an employer or employee, we should concern about how the company works towards taking a part in helping the environment by changing regular environmentally unfriendly practices that office people have been practicing for year.

Following are lists of the most common practices managers used to encourage and support green movement in their offices:

  • Electric and Water
    Switch off all the electricity and water before you go home.

  • Computer and Monitor
    If you leave, set the monitor and computer to sleep/stand by automatically after 20 minutes.

  • Dustbin
    Do not throw any food/drink into office dustbin, use the one setup nearby washroom.

  • Basin
    Always leave the basin empty from glass and plate.

  • Washroom
    Keep the washroom and toilet clean.

  • Decorate Your Work Desk
    You are encourage to decorate your work desk with some colourful things/souvenir.

  • Clean You Work Desk / Surrounding Area
    Housekeeping every Monday.