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Register a .MY and .COM Domain

Register a .MY and .COM Domain

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Why need to register a domain name ?

You can't have a website if you don't have a domain name. Domain is like a street address that tell people where you stay, it help the customers drive directly to your website.

Having a domain name is a way to get exposure for your business

What We Offer

We offer wide ranges of domain extensions as below:
.my,,,,, .com, .net, .org, .asia., .it, .co, .shop

Register your domain as low as RM50 / year

Domain names improve your promotion opportunity

When promoting your website, domain names will help to enhance your network "visibility" and brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the necessities to register a domain name?

- The combinations of A to Z and 0 – 9 can be known as a domain name.
- Special characters and spaces such as (?), (!) and (_) are not allowed.
- The character dash (-) is allowed to be used in your domain name.
- The domain information in Whois must always be ensured that it is up to date.
- The valid information must be provided during the domain registration.

Why should I register a domain name?

Owning a domain that represents your BRAND is a great investment to your business. You might not have enough resources to build your website or eCommerce store Today, but taking charge of your brand aka domain is a MUST!

What should I take note before registering a domain name?

Register a simple and short domain name that is easy to remember and type. A domain name with a unique extension will help you get higher ranking on your local search engines.
For example, .com and .my

Is Domain Name same as IP Address?

Domain name is a friendly naming for giving an address to a website.

Is there the same price for all the domains?

No, .com / .net / .org will be cheaper than the country base domain such as / .sg / .us
Please contact us for the latest pricing.

Are there any additional charges if I wish to have a personalised email address?

You are strongly encouraged to have your personalised business email addresses as it will build your brand identity and professionalism.

Is domain name must renew annually?

Yes, the domain must be renewed annual in order for operation of your website.

What will happen if the domain isn't renewed?

The domain will face the grace period if you do not renew the domain when it is expired. The domain will move into the auction list and you are required to activate it for a fee. The fee is always can be at a range $100 until $400.

Note: The claim back fee is charged by the domain provider.

What will happen if I forget to renew my domain after 2 months expired?

If your domain has expired and it has gone through the process of grace period and auction period but you still have not claimed it back, your domain will appear to the public and everyone can buy it. You might not have a chance to claim it back. Otherwise, you might need to pay a very high fee to get back your domain.

Why should I renew my domain and my hosting?

Domain and hosting are different. Hosting known as the server that stores files of your website. While the domain is the address that can enable your customers to reach you from the Internet. Yes, both hosting and domain also must be renewed.

Please contact us if you need further clarification.

Is it possible for a domain to be transferred to another provider?

It is possible for a domain transfer from one provider to another provider. However, the domain such as .com and has a different transfer procedure.
Please contact us for the domain transfer fee and its process.

How long the time might be taken for a domain to be transferred from one provider to another provider?

It is depends, as the different types of domain will come with different process.
.com / .net / .org can take 1 - 7 days. / / can take 1 - 3 days.

Comparison of .com and

Just make it, if you found the domain .com is available for registration! No matter your domain is .com or, you can reach your targeted customer worldwide. The difference between .com and just is the name of can recognize that your business is registered in Malaysia.

Privacy and protection of domain.

The domain privacy services can be purchased so that you can prevent somebody whom wants to view the ownership of this domain.