Edulive - Online Education System

Operion integrates a holistic solution for internal traning and management with e-learning. By using edulive, it can offer more collaboration and interaction with experts and peers, as well as a higher success rate than the live alternative.

Edulive is a leading integrated platform for real-time interactive online education and management. With its holistic and gamifaction features in E-learning platform, it allows managers, teachers or instructors to easily engage, attract and make positive impacts on learners in any learning form.

For the edulive solutions, it can be defined as several types of solutions such as E-learning Platform Solution, School Management Software Solution, Education Centers Software Solution, and Internal Training And Management Solution

What are the benefits of Edulive for enterprises?

Easy Training and Learning

Easy in Training and Learning Implementation

Training readmap can be built according to the competency framework and organization structure, and hence making it easy for enterprises to implement short-term and long-term traning plans.

Managing All Training Forms

Managing All Training Forms

Different training forms such as distance learning which can be self-learning, online traning which also known as live class, blended traning or even traditional training means training in offline mode are manageable on Edulive.

Efficient in Training Manangement

Efficient In Training Management

Edulive achieves a training that with automation tools and full of overview reports or detailed reports which can provide full overview information about learners, trainers, training results and training quality for the enterprises.

Features of Edulive:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
  • Virtual Class
  • Trainer & Learner Performance Report
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Training Plan Report
  • Internal Training Management System
  • Certification System

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edulive?

Edulive is also known as an Online Education System which is a leading integrated platform for real-time interactive online education and management with holistic and gamifaction features.

What is the Online Education System used for?

Online Education System is used for perform task that is related to education such as teaching, oeperating and management processes on the same platform instead of using mutiple inconsistent modules.

What can the Online Education System do for me?

An Online Education System can help you to manage all traning data, create interactive learning content, as well as provide an interactive virtual classrrom which is easy to use and high stability.

How does Edulive works to produce an interactive online education and management?

- Provide gamifaction features on learning content
- Contain a holistic platform with real time class, on web content creation, teachers and learner management
- With online and traditional learning management
- Fun, excitement and rewards in the live classroom

Who will be using Online Education System?

People who are involved in the education industry such as teachers and students. Besides that, managers, trainers and trainees of the enterprise that have traning programs will also use the Online Education System to perform their tasks.

Why we need an Online Education System?

- Diverse multi-dimensional interactions with learners in the classroom
- Easily control and manage the large class of learners
- Intuitive web interface easy to use
- Leaners directly assess the quality of teaching to help the trainers control the quality of training
- Great training productivity enhances opportunities for business expansion

What are the features provided in to produce an interactive virtual class of Online Education System?

- Control and manage unlimited learners
- Virtual classroom
- E-learning and group discussion
- Cloud based
- Web-app interface

What equipment required to perform Online Education System?

- A computer with an HD webcam to provide a clear picture to students/learners
- A headset with a microphone for clear sound
- A stable internet connection
- A browser for accessing to the Online Education System

Is Online Education System easy to use?

Yes. For using the system, it does not require depth knowledge in computer as it is designed with easy-to-understand features which are presented in icons or simple words.

Why Online Education System is better than Traditional Education System?

Online Education System provides automation tools for managing the training and learning learning task and also produces an interactive education and management which are difficult to be performed at Traditional Education System. Besides, in Online Education System, it can be more flexible that Traditional Education System as it allows the trainers and learners to perform their education without any geographical restriction.