Operion Version Releases

We improve for Better User Experience & Customer Satisfaction !

Every new release will cover with support & services. Client's feedback is very important for our success.
-- message from founder (Jim T.)


Version Code Name Details Release Date
Operion 6.10 Kiester Pyrrhous
  • Main Module
  • Change the design for all Operion webpages ( Homepage and Innerpage )
  • New social bar and sidebar added
  • Live chat for Email Blasting System ( Newly Added ! )
June 14, 2016
Operion 5.10 Jingy Yeix
  • Main Module
  • Show most viewed products & contents in dashboard
  • E-commerce Module
  • Simplify products attributes module, make it more user-friendly
  • Products review & rating (Newly added!)
  • Products wishlist (Newly added!)
  • Invoice layout is now customizable
  • Content Module
  • Issue of picture URL that uploaded using editor fixed
Dec 20, 2013
Operion 4.10 Stamy Galgenn
  • Main Module
  • CMS layout revamped for better user experience (UX).
  • Import member from Excel
  • Verified member will be approved automatically.
  • Marketing System Module (Newly added!)
  • Integrated SMS module into the e-commerce system
  • Send SMS to your member directly
  • E-commerce Module
  • Products attributes (Newly added!)
  • Products special price enquiry module (Newly added!)
Apr 11, 2013
Operion 3.10 Pigue Megaplex
  • Main Module
  • CMS error and bug fixed, errors minimized
  • Language switching issue fixed
  • Products thumbnail issue fixed
  • E-commerce Module
  • Registration during checkout page bug fixed
  • Shipping location checking, if the particular location is not "ticked" by the user, then the customer will not be able to proceed to payment
  • Delivery method added into invoice for reference purpose
  • Promo Code (Newly added!)
  • Allow customer to get extra discount on their purchase by entering the promo code
  • Discount amount will be shown in invoice if promo code is applied
  • Set the promo code to discount in percentage or certain amount
  • Shipping Module
  • Flat shipping and free shipping reviewed, bug fixed
  • Self pickup added (Newly added!). Allow customer to pickup the items by themselves without shipping
  • Flat shipping by weight (Newly added!). Set the shipping fees based on total weight of the order
May 10, 2012
Operion 2.10 Jorn Codex
  • Web tracker maximize uptime tracking
  • Control panel user-friendly interface, column sort
  • Presentation page improvement
  • E-commerce, Shipping module options, iPay88 payment gateway
  • Customer service, newsletter generator
Feb 02, 2012
Operion 1.10 Vashin Plex
  • Framework and structure development

Aug 08, 2010

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