Quotation & Invoicing System

TxBilling is an online quotation, invoicing system that mainly assist you to manage your receiving payment from your customers. The system able to produce 8 documents including invoice, quotation, and 8 important reports for your business.

Main Functions

Online Quotation, Online Billing, Online Invoicing, Online Accounting, Cloud Invoicing, Cloud Billing, Cloud Accounting.

Main Functions
Daily Operations Module

Daily Operations Module

Customers and Suppliers Management, Purchase Order, Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice, Delivery Order, Credit Note, Debit Note, Payment Note & Receipt.

System Settings

User Roles, UOM, GST & Service Charge, Letterhead with Logo, Multiple Bank Account & Multiple Currencies Support, Product & Service Item Maintenace.

System Settings
Billing Reports


Top Salesman, Best Selling Items, Item Sales, Sales Report, Payment Collection Report, Overdue Invoice, Debtors Aging, Customer Statement, System User Auditing, GST Paid Report, Stock Balance, Product Movement.


Good Receive Note, Good Return Note, Sales Return Note.


TxBilling Packages

for 1 User
for 3 Users
for 6 Users
8 Types of Document
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Yes Yes Yes
8 Types of Report
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Yes Yes Yes

System Features & Functionalities

User Access Permission Administrator

Sales Executive

Sales Manager
Sales Executive
Sales Manager
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Unlimited Product & Service Items Yes Yes Yes
Customize Letter Head Logo Yes Yes Yes
Customize Reference Running No# Yes Yes Yes
Export Your Report to Excel Yes Yes
Free Document Adjustment Yes Yes
Multiple Currencies Yes Yes
Multiple Bank Accounts Yes Yes
Auto Payment Requisition Yes Yes
No fee required

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Billing

How many users can access TxBilling system?

It depends on which TxBilling plan you purchase: 1 user plan, 3 users plan, or 6 users plan.

Why TxBilling have only 1 user plan, 3 users plan and 6 users plan?

TxBilling provide flexible plan which is "pay as you go" plan. You only make payment when your increase the number of users. The costing for additional per user is only RM100.

Can more than one user log-in at a time from different location?

Yes, we support simultaneous access for multiple users from different locations/branches. This means multiple users from your companies can log-in and operate the system at the same time.

Which Browsers are supported?

For PCs, we support Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox 3.0 and above, Safari latest version, and the latest version of Google Chrome. For the Mac, we support the latest versions of Safari and Firefox.

What platforms and operating systems are supported?

TxBilling supports Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 3, Vista Business Edition - Service Pack 1, Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.4-10.6.

Does the TxBilling provide the training and after-sales support?

Yes, we provide unlimited telephone, live chat and email support. In addition, all the packages come with 'Visual User Manual'. It's a set videos in your admin control panel for you to follow & master the system.

Is my data confidential and secure with TxBilling?

Your data is confidential and safe. We use Green EV 256 bit SSL encryption, state of the art infrastructure and system security to ensure the safety of your data. Customer's data is regularly backed up and replicated across secure locations.

How about the data backup & recovery?

We have recovery servers for any emergencies. You don’t have to worry about computer crashes, hackers, backing up data. In short, you can focus on what you do best - making money on your business !

Can the billing data and records keep for 3 - 6 years or longer?

Yes, you can keep data/records for 3-6 years or longer. Its completely safe forever. All the data such as quotations, invoices, payments, credit notes, etc. are housed forever and there will be no impact on the transactions that you've entered within your TxBilling system.

What if I need to cancel my subscription? Can I get a copy or backup of all my data? Will data lost?

Your data is yours! You can always export the report to a standard CSV file format.

Can I import my current invoice records into the system?

Data import from different platform could lead to unexpected errors in the future. Thus we do not work on data import.

Does the system come with a set of invoice templates for selection?

There are 144 countries around the world, more than 100 different business sectors. Every business operates differently. Thus we are not possible to provide all the templates to suit everyone. However we do provide one-time free template adjustment to suit your business need.

Does TxBilling work together with stock & inventory system?

Unfortunately, TxBilling currently only able to provide the billing management services. We will be honour to inform you through our latest newsletter if we do have new features such as inventory system to be launch.