Penang Technology Startup

Since 2016, we have developed a large number of web applications, software and apps for many companies. Our founder said that now is a good time for us to make contributions to society through providing technical business consulting and SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT COST to start-up companies.

Malaysia Startup Idea

We understand that many startups do not have an experience in marketing, brand and image building, peoples and financial management. We have a team of professional from legal firms, accounting, marketers, SMEs corporation agency. They are very experienced and kind in giving advice on the business related issues as well as Loan, Grant and Financial support.

As a technology project advisor, we will come up with a solution within 1 week after we analyze the situation and indentify the problem statement. We will develop the solution based on original development specification and development timeframe as a benchmark to create an all-win situation. We could turn your dream into reality! At the same time we are helping the community grow.

What is in your Mind ? Let us help you turn into reality.
It could be any software, system and mobile apps!