Whatsapp Blasting System

Modern Way to Connect With Your Clients via Whatsapp Blasting System.

Whatsapp Blasting

Personalize Your Message

Our Whatsapp blasting system allows you to select your target market and personalize the message before sending to them. The customized messages may support creative messages, text, emoji and even graphic files.

Whatsapp Broadcast

Make it easy to track

Feel free to schedule your messages anytime and send to anyone based on your market. Operion’s Whatsapp blasting system enable you to monitor and analyse the broadcast status for every contact.

Whatsapp Marketing

Mobile friendly system

As the usage of mobile users keeps increasing, the best way to keep in touch with clients in this modern day is by mobile phones. Most of the people these days prefer social media texting over calls so Whatsapp promotion will make it easier for businesses to promote their product through Whatsapp blasting system.

Whatsapp System

Direct Customer Feedback

Major contribution from our Whatsapp blasting system is that it can help to form better and strong bonds between you and your customers. Businesses that can interact with customers directly through whatsapp without involvement of any kind third party will be much easier. This can provide proper business insight of your company which will ultimately help to improve your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Features of Whatsapp Vlasting System

- Sending teh message to your customer / friends with their name attach.
- Sending the message using a fixed whatsapp account own by you.
- You can send the text message with emoji and graphic file.
- Schedule your campaign to send it later.

Remarks of Whatsapp blasting System

- Whatsapp version.X is a monthly subscription.
- 10 to 12 Whatsapp message will send out in every 5 minutes.
- Total daily message is cap at 3,500 message for each Whatsapp account.
- You can subscribe for more than one signal to send more messages.